Jack Owen (of Six Feet Under, ex- Cannibal Corpse & Deicide) – GEAR MASTERS (Revisited) Ep. 24 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Gear Masters (Revisited)”, death metal guitarist, Jack Owen (of Six Feet Under, ex- Cannibal Corpse & Deicide), shows off the gear that he uses onstage.

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Weekly News Round-Up (11/30-12/6)
It’s that time once again for the weekly round-up of all the tour announcements and tour news with your favorite bands that were posted this past week. You can check out the complete list of features along with the links to the posts, after the break. Read more
Six Feet Under to Headline “HateFest Tour”
The death metal band, Six Feet Under, have announced that they will be headlining next year’s “HateFest Tour,” in Europe. Supporting the tour will be Marduk, Vader and Hate, as well as Eisregen and Debauchery, on select dates. You can check out the dates, details and... Read more
Six Feet Under Announces the Hell In July Tour
Six Feet Under announces the “Hell In July” tour with support from Decrepit Birth and Cannabis Corpse. You can check out the dates, after the break. Read more
Cattle Decapitation Drops Off Six Feet Under Tour After Altercation
According to this, Cattle Decapitation has dropped off Autumn Apocalypse Tour after an altercation between Travis Ryan (of Cattle Decapitation) and Chris Barnes (of Six Feet Under). Read more
18 Nights of Blood Tour feat Six Feet Under and Dying Fetus – REVIEW
As Chicagoians continue to adapt to the frickin’ hot weather we are starting to get here, the 18 Nights of Blood did nothing to cool us down! The bands brought a fiery breeze of metal through Reggie’s Rock Club on a hot Wednesday night. Check out our review... Read more
Summer Slaughter Tour 2011 feat Black Dahlia Murder – REVIEW
The Summer Slaughter tour 2011 came blazing to the House of Blues in Chicago. On this tour came The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, PowerGlove, Oceano, As Blood Runs Black, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Within The Ruins. You can check out our... Read more