The Gregory Brothers – BUS INVADERS (Revisited) Ep. 160 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Bus Invaders (Revisited)”, we take you inside the touring vehicle of the comedy music group, The Gregory Brothers, while on The DigiTour 2011 with Dave Days, DeStorm Power, and more.

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DigiFest NYC VIP Ticket Giveaway
We’ve teamed up with The DigiTour to give away some VIP tickets to the inaugural DigiFest NYC! The fest features some of today’s biggest internet stars, including: Pentatonix, Allstar Weekend, Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis, The Gregory Brothers and many more. Check out the contest details and how to enter,... Read more
The Gregory Brothers – TOUR TIPS
Country band, The Gregory Brothers, have written a set of awesome Tour Tips for you guys to learn from. You can check them out after the break. Read more
The Gregory Brothers / Autotune The News / schmoyoho – BUS INVADERS Ep. 231
In this episode of Bus Invaders, some of the members of The Gregory Brothers give you a tour of their bus and talk about food, math, and motion sickness. You can watch the video after the break. Read more
The DigiTour 2011 feat Dave Days – REVIEW
Being the first of its kind is an understatement when talking about The DigiTour. It is the first official Youtube tour that is completely made up of Youtubers, playing live instead of on a computer stream. The inaugural run of this tour featured Dave Days, Destorm, The Gregory Brothers... Read more