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DTB Partners with to Bring Our Videos to Spanish Speaking Viewers
We are excited to announce our partnership with the DIY-musician resource website, They will be helping us bring DTB’s most educational videos to their Spanish speaking visitors to be an additional resource to help DIY artists further their careers in music. You can check out more details about... Read more
Digital Tour Bus is apart of the Vessel launch!
Very excited to share some pretty sweet news with you all. It’s about a brand new video service called Vessel and Digital Tour Bus’ content is available on there. You can check out more details, after the break. Read more
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Summer Tank Tops Now Available In Our Merch Store
You all have been asking and we have listened! Tank tops are now available in our official merch store, which is hosted by our friends at Spreadshirt. Read more Verifies Digital Tour Bus’ Account / Ask Us Anything
We are very happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with the awesome team at (formerly Formspring) to not only allow all of you DTB fans/viewers to ask us your burning questions for us, but to verify our account. Read more
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