Miss May I’s Ryan Neff Talks Tour Finances – HOW-TO TOUR
Miss May I is one of the bands in the underground “scene” that has become a staple over the past decade. They’ve done both the Vans Warped Tour and Mayhem Festival, as well as countless other tours, both supporting and headlining. They’ve also toured in both luxury tour buses... Read more
On the Road Gluten Free with Ashley Davis – HOW-TO TOUR
We’ve team up with the amazing Lawrence, Kansas-based Celtic/ambient artist, Ashley Davis, to give you some advice for how-to live gluten free while on tour. You can check out her detailed advice to accomplish living gluten free while on the road, after the break. Read more
Planning Your Next Tour – HOW-TO TOUR
We’ve teamed up with the indie acoustic pop artist, Mary Scholz, to take you through how to plan your next tour. She accomplished this task recently and has some advice to share! You can check our her advice for planning your next tour, after the break. Read more
Perform at Farmers Markets During Your Next Tour – HOW-TO TOUR
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Five Things I Learned Opening For Boston – HOW-TO TOUR
What can you learn from touring with a big rock band? Well, we’ve tapped Stevie Adamek, from the easy pop/folk group, Solveig & Stevie, to share some things he learned while his previous band, Bighorn, was on tour with Boston in the ’70s. You can read his awesome advice,... Read more
Healthy Smiles on the Road – HOW-TO TOUR
We’re very happy to bring you to first installment of our new guest blogging series, “How-To Tour.” In each blog, an artist will give other artists advice, on a specific topic, to make sure you have a great touring experience. This blog was written by Mark Lassiter. He is... Read more