Knockout Kid – 1st ROAD VLOG from their “Liberty & Justice Tour All” with Casting Call
Knockout Kid is on their “Liberty & Justice Tour All” with Casting Call. While on the road they will be vlogging for us. Watch why you should not fall asleep around them in their first vlog after the break! Read more
Elysion Fields – TOUR TIPS
Here is a brand new set of Tour Tips from the Chicago metal band, Elysion Fields. You can check them out after the break in the post. Read more
Brick + Mortar – TOUR TIPS
Brick + Mortar is a electronic/indie rock duo out of New Jersey and they have done their fair share of touring. They recently wrote a set of Tour Tips for you to learn from. You can check out the tips after the break. Read more
Spies Like Us – TOUR TIPS
We have worked with the guys in Spies Like Us many times before, including the awesome three part Road Blog that they did for us earlier this year. These guys have a lot of touring experience and have some of their wisdom to share with you! You can check... Read more
The Bunny The Bear – 1st ROAD BLOG from their “Under The Gun Tour”
The Bunny The Bear is on their “Under The Gun Tour” with Dr. Acula, From Atlantis and Modern Day Escape. While on tour they will be writing periodic blogs for us. The first one can be read after the break.  Read more
Life After Liftoff – TOUR TIPS
This Dayton, OH alternative rock band is no stranger to the road. They have done multiple regional and national runs and they go by the name, Life After Liftoff. The band recently wrote a set of 5 Tour Tips that they would recommend other bands to follow. You can... Read more
18 Nights of Blood Tour feat Six Feet Under and Dying Fetus – REVIEW
As Chicagoians continue to adapt to the frickin’ hot weather we are starting to get here, the 18 Nights of Blood did nothing to cool us down! The bands brought a fiery breeze of metal through Reggie’s Rock Club on a hot Wednesday night. Check out our review of this tour... Read more
Michael Buckley (from the “What The Buck Show”) – BUS INVADERS Ep. 323
In this episode of Bus Invaders, Michael Buckley shows you through the bus he was in while he was hosting The DigiTour 2012. You may recognize him from his extremely popular Youtube show called the “What The Buck Show”. You can watch the video after the break. Read more
Josh Turner – TOUR TIPS
The South Carolina country artist, Josh Turner, has written an awesome set of tour tips for you guys to learn from. You can check them out after the break. Read more
Serpent Sermon Tour 2012 feat Marduk – REVIEW
We had the opportunity to review the Serpent Sermon Tour featuring Marduk, 1349, Withered and Weapon when it stopped at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago! Check out our review after the break. Read more