10 Years’ “From Birth To Burial Tour” – GALLERY
We recently caught 10 Years on their From Birth To Burial tour in support of their upcoming album release. They were joined by Otherwise, The Glorious Sons and Luminoth. We were able to capture some photos of the show. You can check out the photos, after the break. Read more
Helmet Announces “Betty U.S. Tour”
The alternative metal band, Helmet, has announced a U.S. tour, called the “Betty 2015 U.S. Tour,” for this spring. On this tour, they will be playing their album, Betty, from start to finish, plus a special encore set. You can check out the dates and details, after the break. Read more
Forty Four Hours Announce European Tour
The alternative band, Forty Four Hours, has announced a short European tour, for January. 27 Side Effects and Apherium will also be performing on the tour. You can check out the dates, details and poster, after the break. Read more
In this Crazy Tour Stories video, the alternative metal band, Upon This Dawning, shares one of their crazy stories from the road. You can watch the video, after the break. Read more