18th & Addison – DREAM TOUR 18th & Addison – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, Kait DiBenedetto of the rock band, 18th & Addison, lets you know who she would like on her ultimate... 18th & Addison – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, Kait DiBenedetto of the rock band, 18th & Addison, lets you know who she would like on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Elvis Presley: I’ve loved Elvis since I was a little girl and although stylistically it would make no sense, he’s someone I would totally fangirl about playing with. He was such a performer and brought so much energy to his live shows which I feel is something our band really prides ourselves on too. So I think if he was still around, a tour with the two of us would be an entertaining one, to say the least.

New Found Glory: Not only are all the guys in NFG great people, they are one of the hardest working bands out there and STILL going strong. Their live shows never disappoint and the amount blood sweat and tears we’ve all seen them put in through the years is the reason they’re one of my favorite bands and just one of the reasons why I’m so glad they’re still around. You could run out of fingers and toes trying to count all the catchy feel good songs they’ve written and seeing them play them live with same energy and fun as they’ve had for years is a reason why I’d love to tour with them one day.

Mest: If the original Mest lineup never went away I think them and 18th & Addison would be an awesome tour. Tom and I were the only two people in our town that I think even knew this band existed and we would listen to them all the time. Their energy was always so great and their undeniably catchy songs kept you wanting to hear more when you listened. And seeing them live was never a disappointment. There are definitely a lot of parts of their music that have influenced me as a songwriter throughout the years so if they were still around I think that would be a fun tour for us.

Panic At The Disco: This band is a little out of left field compared to some of the other ones I’ve mentioned but Brandon Urie is one of the best pop/rock entertainers out there right now. It’s been awesome to see his formulation through the years into this aspect of his music career. Our band has always made it a point to write whatever we want whenever we want and that’s something that Brandon has always made it a point to do as well. No matter what comes out of his mouth, it’s catchy and melodic and a tour with both of our bands would definitely be one of the most melodic and energetic tours to happen.

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