This new set of Tour Tips was written by the metalcore band, 2X4. You can check out their tips for touring, after the break.... 2X4 – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by the metalcore band, 2X4. You can check out their tips for touring, after the break.

1. Always have antibacterial wipes or sanitizer! On tour, you rarely are able to shower. You reek and the van smells even worse. So during the time when you’ve been without one for a few days, all you have to do is grab the wipes and Wah lah. You smell 10 times better and it feels almost like you just took a shower. Not to mention fans don’t have to hold back their gags when they talk to you.

2. Stay hydrated! NO SODA. Don’t bother spending $1.29 at every gas station, or rest stop, that you stop at just to buy 20oz bottles of something carbonated and sugary. Besides spending a ridiculous amount of money, you’ll drink them so fast, and then you’re thirsty again in 5 minutes. Instead go to a grocery store and pick up a gallon jug of water. They are the same price as the 20oz bottles but they last way longer. They also can be recycled.

3. Recycle! No one likes stopping in the middle of a long drive just so one person can piss. So with that being said DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY MID DRIVE because it might come in handy. Big mouth bottles and cups make the best bathrooms. Just make sure you don’t announce what you’re doing because the driver and the rest of the people in the van will turn a simple task into mission impossible.

4. Sleep is key! Sleep as much as possible. It makes everyone less irritable, the shows better, and interactions less heated when something goes south. Also, when whoever drove over night is trying to sleep, stay the hell away from the van. It was hard enough for them to keep from nodding off while keeping the rest of the band safe. The least you can do is be grateful, respectful, and let them sleep in peace.

5. Be ridiculous and record everything! Touring is a tough lifestyle. Pranks, pranks. and more pranks but make sure they’re tasteful. You have to keep the mood light and have as much fun as possible. If you don’t everyone begins to realize what they conditions you’ve been living in actually are and it starts to wear on your psyche.

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