36 Crazyfists – TOUR PRANKS 36 Crazyfists – TOUR PRANKS
In this Tour Pranks segment, Brock Lindow, of the metal band, 36 Crazyfists, shares a prank from the road. You can read their story,... 36 Crazyfists – TOUR PRANKS

In this Tour Pranks segment, Brock Lindow, of the metal band, 36 Crazyfists, shares a prank from the road. You can read their story, after the break.

Many moons ago, back in 2005, we did one of our first headlining tours in Europe and we brought our great friends in 12 Tribes and From First to Last with us.The tour was such a great experience for us all and the nightly adventures and friendships we made still hold up to today.

On the last night of the tour, we were in Munich, Germany and we had some pretty good stuff planned for the traditional end of the tour pranks. First up, we knew that when FFTL starts their intro the house lights go completely off, so we raised their drummer’s cymbal stands as high as they would go and when they kicked into the first song the lights went on and we watched him struggle like a mofo to hit the cymbals throughout the first song, not the best prank ever but effective.

Next up was Twelve Tribes. Now these boys are some of our best friends and we thought we had a really funny prank for them, Adam their lead singer has really long dreads so we cut up a few garbage bags and made dread wigs out of them and wore their merch items; we picked their girls pink skinny tee, which was a total half shirt on most of us and we ran on stage and humped their legs and had a wonderful laugh. Next up it was our set and we are getting ready to go on stage and I start seeing these older men in suits start to gather near us, one guy has an accordion , the other a harmonica and fiddles,etc.

The Tribes boys had ventured out that day and found a 10-man Turkish Mariachi band playing on the street. They didn’t really speak English, but they convinced the band to come play a show. So we are all backstage dying of laughter and really congratulating the band for winning the best prank award!

The house lights go down, now the German 36CF fans are some of the best in the world and the 36CF chant fires up and here comes these lil old men up on stage and they just stand there while the crowd, who can’t really see who is coming on stage yet, is going ape shit waiting for their boys to set it off.

So the intro ends and the lights come up and these dudes kick into some sweet mariachi jams and we are all side stage crying with laughter watching the most confused faces in the crowd. Well luckily the crowd starts loving it and they are all dancing around and getting into it. So the band is playing and we start to think ‘Okay, these guys think they’re gonna play like a whole set.’

Adam walks up to the lead guy and whispers to him to let him know they can go now and I watch the man look at him like he has no clue what he is saying. We are literally in tears laughing at the whole situation. Finally, they get off after a couple songs and we start our set. The show ruled and we came out for our encore and all the sudden I get hit with a shitload of flour in the face for the old antiquing prank! Trying to finish the set while laughing and being blind is no small feat. But hands down one of the best tour pranks I’ve ever witnessed.

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