à la Beast – DREAM TOUR à la Beast – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the indie artist, à la Beast, lets you know who he would like on his ultimate tour lineup. à la Beast – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie artist, à la Beast, lets you know who he would like on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

My Dream Tour would end up being a very diverse, eclectic kind of endeavor, taking us all around the world with lots of days between shows to be able to check out the city/country you’re in. Something that you don’t have the time for usually, besides being in a bus on roads.

I don’t want to stress the „Dream“ in Dream Tour too much, hahaha, so in choosing artists to tour with I want to limit myself to living and still performing bands and artists. Otherwise, who could resist being on the road with Elvis, Bob Marley and Tupac ;-)

I guess my Dream Tour would have: The Cure, Third Eye Blind, Bruno Mars

The Cure in Frankfurt Festhalle was the first big concert that I went to with friends alone.

I was mesmerized by the stage being almost completely covered in fog. Only Robert Smiths Silhouette was shining thru when he was standing on the Mic with his Guitar. Combined with the sound of that album it was a „dream“ like experience for me. Grand. I had all their records, must have watched their Live Concert Film from „Orange“ shot in an amphitheater in the south of France almost 100 times. On VHS;-)

Their eclectic sound has over their career has influenced me profoundly. Not one record sounded like the last.

Third Eye Blind is on the bill because I was working at Toast Studios in San Francisco at the time they were recording an album. It was a great coincidence because their debut is an all time fav of mine. Stephan Jenkins’ lyrics to me always were so beautiful, real and powerful. The experience of being there deepened my appreciation for this band. They have smashers, very emotional stuff and one of the most charismatic frontmen out there.

Bruno Mars is incredible to me. How can you perform like that? Singing like that while dancing with your band, which has an incredible energy by the way. On the big stage, there’s nothing like it in the moment. He’s so entertaining, his sound is so entertaining. Great songwriting. If you have him on the bill, I think everyone’s in for a treat. Like I said, it’s an eclectic line-up, with different sounds and certainly a festival flavor to it.

I would want to see this show 1000 times. ;-)

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