Amongst The Giants – FIRST CONCERT EVER Amongst The Giants – FIRST CONCERT EVER
In this First Concert Ever segment, the metalcore band, Amongst The Giants, reveals the first shows they ever went to. Amongst The Giants – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the metalcore band, Amongst The Giants, reveals the first shows they ever went to. You can check out their stories and listen to their newest single, Too Late, after the break.

Blaise: I actually grew up on the road with Seventh Day Slumber and have been on a tour bus since I was 6 weeks old, so I don’t really know what my first concert was haha. The first concert I can remember going to (that wasn’t a Seventh Day Slumber concert) was actually a Demon Hunter concert when I was around 8. I remember that I wasn’t tall enough to see anything, so I sat on my dad’s shoulders and rocked out the whole set haha. They were actually one of the first really heavy bands I started listening to, so it was awesome getting to see them live! I also pulled my first tooth out to one of their songs and I think the video is still on YouTube haha.


Brian: The first I ever went to that I can remember was Cornerstone 2005 back when they held dates in Florida. I was 13 years old at the time and I remember just starting to listen to some of the bands on the line up via a couple of sampler CDs like “You Can’t Handle the Tooth” and such. I knew maybe one or two songs from a couple of the bands there and didn’t really know much about the hardcore or metal genre at the time. That concert was a first of many things for me. The first concert, first mosh pit (both witnessing and experiencing), first time I had even heard of some the bands that were there that became musical staples in my life growing up. Bands like Norma Jean, Underoath, The Showdown, Project 86, Anberlin, Family Force 5, The Chariot, and so many more. It’s really what made me fall in love with the genre and stimulated my passion for writing music in the future. If it were still around, I’d want everyone to go experience it.


Marco: My first real concert experience was seeing August Burns Red with A Day to Remember and Enter Shikari back in 2010. I was 14 years old and my dad wouldn’t let me go by myself so he took me and sat through all the bands. It was incredible. I was just getting into really heavy music back then and August Burns Red was one of my first loves in metal. A Day to Remember put on an incredible show too, but I was busier talking to Jake (August Burns Red’s vocalist). I told him that I wanted to do the same thing he was doing, playing music and touring. I remember him being super encouraging and inspirational, and we talked about life and the Lord as well. That concert was a pretty denying moment for me, as I would be driven to make this music my life moving forward. I’ve now been to more metal concerts than I can count, and I can always go see one of my favorite bands if I’m needing some inspiration.

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