Atlas Genius’ “Ones To Watch Tour” – REVIEW Atlas Genius’ “Ones To Watch Tour” – REVIEW
When one of the hottest bands in the alternative music scene comes through your city, you definitely don’t want to miss the show! This... Atlas Genius’ “Ones To Watch Tour” – REVIEW

When one of the hottest bands in the alternative music scene comes through your city, you definitely don’t want to miss the show! This was the case when Atlas Genius came through Chicago last week. You can check out our review and concert photos, after the break.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and The Beatles both share the same award and honor. So why would they be opening for Atlas Genius if they have gained the same type of recognition as The Beatles? It’s because they were both voted into the top ten worst band names of all time. It’s an honor that is on a whole new level. All publicity is good publicity and DEJJ deserves every second of it. These boys from Michigan are always dressed to the nines. If you’re not dancing and getting down when they’re playing, then you might need to check your pulse. With an eclectic range of instruments and intense indie dance beats, DEJJ always puts on a stellar performance. The only negative thing about their set is that they opened at a show that started at 6:30pm in the Loop. Although they did have a sizable crowd to convert, so it was a relief. The only other thing that I can say about DEJJ is that you need to go see them live next time they’re in your town. Otherwise your life will continue to be boring and meaningless.

The wildcard of the lot was Family of the Year. A folky indie dance group that was the sleeper of the show. They had some outrageous heart and love for the music. You could tell without a doubt from the sheer enjoyment each member expressed while playing. It was prevalent that this was their calling and passion and that was amazingly refreshing. With a sound reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Rosie, FOTY has a warm folk inspired tone. They were a great transition from DEJJ to Atlas Genius, the dancing and head bobbing turned into smooth grooving. Although Family of the Year isn’t typically my type of music, I will admit that they had me pretty captivated and I can’t find one thing I didn’t like about their set.

Atlas Genius is still riding high from their hit “Trojans” because, well, it’s a damn good song. Their mix of electronic synth lines that accompany the dance beats and Bloc Party esq (Silent Alarm era) guitar riffs blend perfectly together. I am a huge fan of any indie bands who can use electronic elements correctly and Atlas Genius does this beautifully. On top of their all encompassing sound, the light show was something to be reckoned with. Complimenting the music to the fullest, AG’s light show was huge and similar to something out of an EDM show. They had all the elements working in harmony and it honestly made the crowd go pretty bananas to say the least. They accomplished what many bands set out to do and there is a good future for Atlas Genius if they stay on track.

Information about the review…
Tour: Atlas Genius’ “Ones To Watch Tour”
Bands: Atlas Genius, Family of the Year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Reviewer/Photographer: Jim Vondruska
Date: October 1, 2013
Venue: House of Blues in Chicago, IL

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