In this First Concert Ever segment, the rock band, Automatic Ape, reveals the stories of their first concerts. Automatic Ape – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the rock band, Automatic Ape, reveals the stories of their first concerts. You can check out the stories and stream their song, Dundra, after the break.

Joel – Drums
My first big concert was Rammstein, when they played in my city (Badalona), which is just 5 km away from Barcelona.


Me and my friends were really excited to see the German giants. I remember how surprised I was to see so many metalheads queuing at the doors. We had never seen such a large crowd of metal fans and I was wondering where all those metalheads came from, as it is not usual to find one when walking the streets any given day.


When Rammstein started playing I could not believe my eyes and ears! The sound was perfect and the whole thing was jaw-dropping: the power in the guitars, the drums that made my body rumble, the stage that looked like a factory in hell, the special effects and pyrotechnics synchronized with music. They looked like unattainable gods.


I can clearly remember the feeling of wanting more and more once the concert ended. Rammstein showed me the importance of putting together a huge live performance. They took my feet off the ground and I still fly when I think about this gig.


Marc – Bass
The first concert I can recall was U2 at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, for the Vertigo tour in 2005. I went there with my old band mates.


I still remember the impression I got by the Camp Nou stadium itself. I’ve never been there before and watching it from the pit was awesome.


When U2 started playing, all people pushed everyone forward, I guess to be a little closer to the stage. We immediately took out shirts off because it was hot as hell.


Bono is one of a kind as a showman. I understood that later when I went to other gigs. I got trapped by his speeches and the atmosphere he and the band were creating.


Right after the concert, we were so excited that we went to rehearse.


Sergi – Guitars
My first concert was Guns & Roses when I was just a kid. GNR were on a world tour after releasing the use your illusion albums.


I remember the huge stage in the Olympic stadium, the large crowd, the excitement in the atmosphere…GNR was one of the biggest bands in the world and having them in Barcelona was.


I can’t really say if they played well or not, but the excitement of seeing them live was above any other consideration. Slash was one of my idols by that time and it was pure joy to listen to his guitar tone live. Axl’s charisma and stage presence blew me away too, although I remember his voice cracking quite often.


One of the highlights of the night was seeing Brian May as he was opening for GNR on that tour. The guy is a guitar wizard and a living legend, so getting to see him and Slash in the same night felt like the perfect guitar-heroes overdose.

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