In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Bahjat, reveals who he would want on his dream tour lineup. Bahjat – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Bahjat, reveals who he would want on his dream tour lineup. You can check out his picks, after the break.

Oh wow, my dream tour. This is actually something I think about a lot.


Being from Libya, there’s so much of my culture that I would want to bring on a tour of mine. In my home country, traditional Libyan folk bands, the “Noba” and “Zimzamat”, are bands that typically play at social gatherings. They bring the heat. It’s the most hype you could ever experience. Seriously. So, I think I would want them to open up the tour. I think it would be interesting for the audience to experience different cultures through music.


When it comes to artists that have inspired me, I would absolutely love to tour with Taylor Swift. That’s actually one of my goals. It would be nice to look back at this article 10 years from now and see if it happened. Hopefully, it would have. I saw her on tour when I was 15 and I was so mesmerized by how she made me feel like I was the only person in the crowd. Dimming the lights down, sitting on a couch in the middle of the stage, telling the story behind every song and why it came to life… that’s my idea of an amazing show. When you feel things. I think I would learn a lot by touring with her and I also happen to know every single word to every song she’s written. Not a fanboy at all.


Another artist who I would absolutely love to tour with is Lorde. Lorde is the bomb. I love how she expresses herself and truly feels every word, every beat, and every note. That type of fearlessness is so inspiring and captivating. I like when artists are the show. Like when they wouldn’t need all the extra assets, because their presence is enough to captivate you. It’s sick.


I think that a dream tour for me is more about how I make the audience feel. My dream would be to have every person feel euphoric for the one and a half hours that they would spend with me. I want them to feel empowered. I want them to forget about anything negative that they could possibly have going on in their life for that short amount of time. I myself would want to forget. I think it’s beautiful that we all come together to dance wildly and forget everything. Even if it’s temporary. Everything is temporary, no?


So, that is what my dream tour would look like. I’ll make it happen soon. Pre-book your tickets by streaming me on Spotify! Thank you.

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