Behind The Façade – TOUR TIPS Behind The Façade – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the pop punk band, Behind The Façade, give you their tips for being on tour. Behind The Façade – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the pop punk band, Behind The Façade, give you their tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1. Wet wipes & hand sanitizer are essential
You never know when you’ll next have access to a shower, or even a bathroom for that matter. These little miracles will keep you *mostly* fresh in the interim.


2. Make home-cooked meals whenever you can
We don’t have the luxury of a super fancy tour van with space for everyone to comfortably sleep, so we like to indulge in AirBnBs when necessary. It ends up being a pretty affordable split between multiple people. Our favorite part about this, other than the bathroom & beds, is the kitchen! It’s actually way cheaper to buy eggs, pancakes, rice, chicken & some fruits at the supermarket than to have 4 people individually buy meals. It’s also way healthier (& it’s easy to be disgustingly unhealthy on tour) & makes you feel quite civilized (we get carried away by lighting candles & bringing out the wine).


3. Park the trunk of your van against a wall
We’ve all heard the horror stories of touring bands having their vans ransacked & all their equipment stolen. When you’re driving from state to state, you’re bound to come across some sketchy neighborhoods. Honestly, even the good neighborhoods have their share of bad guys. Parking the trunk of your van as closely to a wall as possible is just one precautionary measure to deny said bad guys easy access to your goods. Make sure your car alarm works, too. Definitely avoid putting your band logo anywhere visible – maybe make it look like a gardening service! Who wants a lawn mower, anyway?


4. Agua & snacks are your best friends
The thirst is real on the road. Buy cases of water to save yourself a pretty penny in the long run. Also pretty sure granola bars & fruit snacks prevented us from fainting while on the interstate between rest stops, & after shows when decent food establishments were closed.


5. Bungee cords may save your life
If you want to avoid having a shockingly heavy Blackstar tubed head fall on YOUR head, bungee cords are your saving grace. They allow you to safely pile things up in a tetris-like manner with the added security of knowing those short stops or sudden turns won’t cause an avalanche.

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