In this Dream Tour segment, the hard rock band, BLACKSHAPE, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. BLACKSHAPE – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the hard rock band, BLACKSHAPE, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Hey, we’re BLACKSHAPE from Salt Lake City and we’d die happy opening for our dream tour lineup…


Thrice: We’ve seen Thrice live more than any other band, and they’ve always brought the house down. When you see a band live, sometimes it’s nice to witness their humanity and feel like they’re real people. Thrice is a perfect example of that. They sound massive live, but eschew the larger than life contrivances with their personable stage presence—even when they’re playing huge venues. Dustin Kensrue’s voice is often shredded by the end of the set and it sounds raw and incredible. There are few live vocalists we enjoy more. Thrice’s songwriting is top-notch—similar to Mew (see below), they know how to craft a journey and that’s something we looked to often as we wrote our debut record.


Deftones: They’ve had such a huge influence on us that it would be an unbelievable honor to share a stage with them. They showed us that music can be brutal and beautiful at the same time, and really shaped a lot of what we look for in heavy music. We’ve definitely synthesized some of that build-tension-into-something-beautiful into our music’s DNA. Witnessing their majestic heaviness in-person night after night would never get old. Seeing how they approach live shows from behind the curtain would also be incredible. Also, we’ve wanted to see “Cherry Waves” live for years, so maybe they’d be kind enough to throw that into the set one night and finally give us closure.


Mew: When we discovered …And the Glass Handed Kites it changed our lives. The tones and angular guitar playing on that record have had a huge impact on our approach to both playing and writing. We swore if Mew ever played AtGHK in its entirety, we would go wherever was necessary to experience that record in person. 2020 was supposed to be the year, but thanks to Covid-19 that dream was quarantined. Luckily, we’ve seen them twice now, and we were in awe both times. Their performances, tones, stage set up, and mix…everything is flawless. Vocally, it feels like Jonas is a legitimate angel. Being able to experience that euphoria every night would be a literal dream come true. Plus we’ve met them and they’re actually really friendly guys.

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