Born Lion – TOUR TIPS Born Lion – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the rock band, Born Lion, shares their advice for going on tour. Born Lion – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the rock band, Born Lion, shares their advice for going on tour. You can check out their tips, after the break.

1. Bring a packed lunch where possible. This way you will avoid paying $1692 for a sandwich at Oliver’s. This money can be better used to buy the band’s supply of cocaine.


2. Drink riders – If the other band has left.. you can quite easily state to the bar person that you are indeed a member of the other band and it will, therefore, entitle you to their beverages. Generally, the bar person will have no idea as they don’t care about you or your music. Sometimes this isn’t the case though so it’s definitely a roll of the dice.


3. Don’t be a drummer.. drummers have to cart around lots of stuff. It looks pretty annoying. I only have to carry around a guitar and an amp and that’s already really annoying.


4. Don’t try and turn your car into a mobile snow dome. One time we thought it would be funny to empty out all the foam balls from a travel cushion in the tour van so it would catch the wind and have the appearance of a giant snow dome. It was pretty funny for about 3 minutes but then Red, our guitarist, and owner of said van had to spend weeks trying to clean up all the balls.


5. Beware of suicidal Emu’s coming out of Adelaide. One time driving back from Adelaide a giant Emu ran full steam into the side of the van. The emu didn’t fare too well from the incident and I felt horrible for the poor guy.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Fri June 07th @ Stag & Hunter – Newcastle
Sat June 08th @ Vanguard – Sydney (Vivid Programming)
Sun June 09th @ Rad Bar – Wollongong
Wed June 12th @ Byron Bay Brewery – Byron Bay
Thu June 13th @ Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane
Fri June 14th @ Northcote Social Club – Melbourne

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