Braid’s Midwest Tour – REVIEW Braid’s Midwest Tour – REVIEW
We had the chance to check out the Chicago date of Braid’s short Midwest Tour with Into It. Over It., Diamond... Braid’s Midwest Tour – REVIEW

We had the chance to check out the Chicago date of Braid’s short Midwest Tour with Into It. Over It., Diamond Youth and Cut Teeth at The Metro. You can check out the review after the break.

Who knew that the band Braid would influence a generation of musicians who were roughly about 6 years old at the time of their debut in 1993. Three of the bands that had some inspiration and influence from these pioneers of the genre are: Cut Teeth, Diamond Youth and Into it Over it. These four bands brought the spirit and energy to The Metro that was a perfect end to their mini tour.

Cut Teeth opened the night and were the newcomers to the Chicago music scene, despite being around in other various bands for many years. The set began with a huge punch to the cerebellum with driving bass lines and thrashing guitar riffs. Cut Teeth are a gritty hardcore band who lay it all on the stage for themselves and for the fans. In my honest opinion, they should have been a little higher in the bill because they nailed their set from start to finish with only one small bump when performing one of their newer songs. The overdriven guitars, heavy distorted bass lines and raw vocals make an overwhelming sound that shows much potential. With their recent right up in Alternative Press magazine, Cut Teeth have been gaining more publicity, larger shows and a more solid following. Watch out for them in the near future, because if there’s a will there’s a way and I know for a fact they have the will and the skill to be a great band.

Diamond Youth were next in line to try and rock The Metro. Compared to the other bands on the bill that night, Diamond Youth were a little less “Angsty and Hardcore” and a little more of a laid back but still had tons of energy and movement to their music. Yet despite their watered down hardcore emo style Diamond youth brought a unique sound to the bill and no one really seemed to mind. The main difference that I liked, is the fact that the screams were replaced by much more harmonic/melodic singing, which at a hardcore, metal or punk show, can always break up the atmosphere and give your eardrums a bit of a break. For what it was, their set was solid, and enjoyable overall, not my particular cup of tea, but still not too bad.

Into it. Over it, is another local Chicago band with ties to the opener, guitarist Matt Jordan playing drums for Cut Teeth. So as I slowly began to figure out, each band had ties to one another, either with members  sharing bands, past ties or coworkers, this show just became deeper than it appeared. Into it Over it, had the most energy and the best set of the night so far. Not only did they have the tight record quality sound, but they also had the stage show to accommodate and that is a very respectful quality that I believe all great bands must have. Into It Over It finished off a top notch set by bringing Kate Grube of the indie Chicago based band Kittyhawk on stage to accompany Evan on vocals.

Let Braid take you back to 1998 and play you Frame & Canvas in it’s entirety, it’s exactly like back to the future… but with an awesome soundtrack! Playing to a packed venue, Braid had everyone singing every single word to every single song off of one of their most successful and biggest breakthrough album. So would you think that Braid would follow suit with bands like H20 and NOFX and have all the rock but no roll. As Bob Nanna asserted within the first 30 seconds is that they weren’t too old to jump all over the stage and play like they were 18 years old again. They absolutely killed it and as you could tell, no one was disappointed and after a long hiatus and Braid sure hasn’t lost their touch. Fans new and old alike definitely got their monies worth. The only thing I could find wrong with the set was that Bob hit a few off notes here and there that really were prominent. Other than that I was highly satisfied and it was a great way to cap off the night. Four great bands and a group of people bonded together through music, is there anything better?

Information about the review…
Tour: Braid’s Midwest Tour
Bands: Braid, Into It. Over It., Diamond Youth, Cut Teeth
Reviewer: Jim Vondruska
Date: December 16, 2012
Venue: The Metro in Chicago, IL

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