A Breach Of Silence – 1st ROAD BLOG from Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour” A Breach Of Silence – 1st ROAD BLOG from Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour”
The metal band, A Breach Of Silence, is currently on the road supporting Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour” with Like A Storm and... A Breach Of Silence – 1st ROAD BLOG from Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour”

The metal band, A Breach Of Silence, is currently on the road supporting Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour” with Like A Storm and Red Tide Rising. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out the first entry, with pictures, after the break.

So here we are in the US of A! Who would have thought that 5 dudes from Brisbane would be touring on the other side of the world with bands that they listened to while they were growing up! We’ve been pinching ourselves every day! After meeting up with our Tour Manager, Nick, from the Lafayette Agency, we re-set ourselves in Atlanta. Picked up the PIMPING tour van, and then drove through Atlanta’s most hectic ghetto to pick up our tour trailer! That stuff was so eye opening to us! It’s not just from the movies! After getting everything ready, we hit the road for the 15 hour drive to San Antonio for our first show! We arrived about 4am to the closest Walmart parking lot where we camped out for the night in our tour van (also something so foreign but awesome to us!). It’s so cool to see how the lifestyle changes from state to state. Driving through Alabama/Mississippi and stopping at a truck stop and hearing their accents and then stopping again in Texas and hearing a completely different one is so cool! It’s the same with the food, there’s so much of it! I swear we’re all going to come back 20kgs fatter!

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The first show in San Antonio was awesome! We actually had fans come out and scream the words back to us, which was something we weren’t expecting at all! Meeting everyone on the tour was made easy by how nice everybody is! We were expecting a bunch of nazi’s telling us if we so much as looked the other way, we’d get a talking to, but it’s been the complete opposite so far! We met some awesome people at the first show, including a chick that rocked up completely NAKED and body painted from head to toe! Hilarious! We had beers with Kev and his missus, who are our biggest fans from San Antonio and are now good friends. The tour has been so awesome so far and it’s only the first show! After the show, CJ from drawing pool partied with us on our bus for a little bit before we headed back on the road for Jefferson. Such a top bloke!

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So Jefferson/New Orleans was a PARTY!! Luisiana knows hows to party!! We had such a responsive crowd and everyone was really nice!! Rhys got the chance to sing BODIES with Drowning Pool, and can tick a life achievement box off in his diary! Will always remember that! Soon after the show, we were back on the road to Destin, Florida, to what was the best show thus far. Club LA is an extremely well set up venue with awesome staff who looked after us! The room had such a great vibe and met so many new fans! After the show, a few of them bailed me up to sing some WhiteSnake for them in the parking lot. I fucking love WhiteSnake so i was happy to oblige and we had a blast!

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On the road again! This time to Jacksonville, Florida. Jack Rabbits is a cool little place that has a cool punk rock feel! The stage isn’t the biggest one in the world, but the sound was top notch! before we knew it we were back on the road again, backtracking to Mobile, Alabama. Soul Kitchen would have to have been the biggest venue we’ve played so far! The bass that resonated throughout the place during sound check set our spirits souring as high as the roof and when we played our set, we had people screaming back our lyrics again! I’ll never get tired of hearing them do that! It wasn’t too long ago we were playing to 10 people back home in Brisbane, so to hear people get excited about our stuff is still so mind blowing! We had some repeat patrons come to the show that were also at the Destin show. Robyn and her son brought us some home cooked cookies and god damn SUPER HERO costumes that we’re going to rock out on stage with on Halloween in a couple weeks! They also said that we’ve gotta stop in next time and grab a home cooked meal of them when we’re passing through! Can’t believe the amount of cool people we’re meeting on this tour and it’s only the 5th show!!!! As i’m writing this, we’re making the treck to Cape Coral. A 10 and a half hour drive down the Florida coast past Tampa Bay. Can’t wait to get a load of the scenery on the way down!

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Make sure you check them out at your local date of the tour:
Oct. 22 – Jefferson, LA @ Southport Hall
Oct. 23 – Destin, FL @ Club LA
Oct. 24 – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
Oct. 25 – Mobile, AL @ Soul Kitchen
Oct. 26 – Cape Coral, FL @ Dixie Roadhouse
Oct. 28 – Fredericksburg, VA @ Hard Times
Oct. 29 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Shakas
Oct. 30 – Lynchburg, VA @ Phase 2

Oct. 31 – Fostoria, OH @ The New Nest
Nov. 1 – Macomb, IL @ The Outskirts
Nov. 2 – Sioux Falls, SD @ The District
Nov. 4 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
Nov. 5 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Nov. 6 – Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre
Nov. 7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Murray Theatre
Nov. 8 – Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
Nov. 13 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
Nov. 14 – Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House
Nov. 15 – Missoula, MT @ Stage 112
Nov. 16 – Billings, MT @ Babcock Theatre
Nov. 18 – Watertown, SD @ Original Bar and Night Club
Nov. 19 – Spring Lake Park, MN @ POV’s
Nov. 21 – Racine, WI @ Rt. 20
Nov. 22 – Ringle, WA @ Q and E Expo Center
Nov. 23 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
Nov. 26 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405

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