Calvillo Sisters – DREAM TOUR Calvillo Sisters – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the soul band, Calvillo Sisters, let you know who they would like on their ultimate tour lineup. Calvillo Sisters – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the soul band, Calvillo Sisters, let you know who they would like on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

We have many different artists and groups that have influenced our music, therefore we have a random collection of artists that we would love to go on tour with! To start, Chance the Rapper. We love Chance’s innovative sound of combining Gospel music with Hip Hop, his amazing writing skills, and beyond his talent, we love what he represents. The platform he has used to distribute his music is paving the way for other independent artists to truly do things on their own, and do it the way they want! We love that he uses his music to create awareness about important social issues, and puts his money where his mouth is by financially supporting those causes as well.


Alabama Shakes are definitely next on our list. We have a deep appreciation and love for their music. Brittany Howard exudes soul from her pores, and she has penetrated our hearts with her voice. The combination of sounds that creates their genre inspired us to incorporate all the different genres and influences that we’ve grown up with into our own music. They gave us the courage to step into being unique with our writing and production.


John Bellion is next! His unique sound has heavily inspired us for the last couple of years. His production and writing skills are off the charts. He’s also an incredible performer, and we know we would have an amazing time touring with him!


Coldplay is one of the most amazing groups that’s ever existed. We went to their show this past summer at the Rose Bowl, and it was life changing! They create a true experience for their audience and make everyone feel like they are a part of the show. Watching them perform reminded us why we do what we do, and the importance of the impact that music has on people. Performing with them would be a great honor!


Last but not least Beyonce! But who doesn’t want to tour with the Queen B? Do we even need to explain ourselves on this one? Beyonce is hands down the best performer of our generation. Her voice, dancing, visual art, costumes, presence, and everything else about her is incomparable. She has inspired us throughout our childhood and adult life to continue to push the up button and develop our craft to be the best we can possibly be. Touring with Beyonce would be the ultimate goal!

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