Captain Capa – 4th ROAD BLOG from the Vans Warped Tour 2014 Captain Capa – 4th ROAD BLOG from the Vans Warped Tour 2014
The German electronic band, Captain Capa, is currently on the Vans Warped Tour 2014. While they are on the tour, they will be writing... Captain Capa – 4th ROAD BLOG from the Vans Warped Tour 2014

The German electronic band, Captain Capa, is currently on the Vans Warped Tour 2014. While they are on the tour, they will be writing an exclusive blog for us, to keep us filled in on everything they have going on. You can check out the fourth entry, after the break.

The days have gotten hotter and hotter at Warped summer camp, and it finally reminds us of the exhausting days we spent in America two years ago. There’s nothing harder than getting out of your bunk bed early in the morning, after a grand night of drinking and dancing, just to see that you’re supposed to be on stage in 30 minutes, playing a show in the humid heat of, say, Virginia Beach. The weather isn’t as friendly to us at it might seem, though. Today a small catastrophe hit Warped as a huge storm crawled upon Atlanta and forced the festival to be shut down for a while. Luckily our set was already finished, the most sweaty one we played, so far. Little did we know that we would get soaking wet a few more times today.

Slowly a scent of farewell keeps sneaking into the family of Bus 17. And even if some of us can be heard saying “I’m ready to go home” once in a while, we’re far from it. There’s still so many bands to see, so many friends to make and so many funny on-stage banters to say. Did we use our time to the fullest? Will we regret not doing this or that once we get back home? Will we be able to stay in contact with all the amazing buddies we’ve met so far? Questions that will fly around in our heads for the next few weeks.

The hard routine of the Warped days has sparked a wave of funny ideas in the bandwagons and behind the scenes. To keep us artists from dying of boredom the gods of Warped keep pulling off crazy barbecues every time there’s room for it and even set up theme-parties like the Warped Prom or a Hip Hop show in the parking lot. The Warped Prom is something very special around here, as a lot of people actually dress up and bring their wives, girlfriends or simply tour-crushes to spend a night in the fantasy of having a really, really cool prom with all your favourite rock bands. Endless amounts of booze and amazing DJ-sets included, obviously.

To keep our minds away from the important things around here – playing shows and hustling for kids to buy your bands stuff – we all got free tickets to the Alternative Press awards, which is, of course, a typical award show with all its downsides, but also one of the most exciting things you could have shown us as German ‘visitors’ in this crazy world of emo-legends and upcoming rock bands. Watching Mark Hoppus, Billy Corgan or Joan Jette handing out awards while All Time Low perform a medley with Pierce The Veil and the hero of my youth, Jonathan Davis, enters the stage is definitely something we didn’t see happening in our lives anymore. America really does seem to be the land of limitless possibilities, which is a saying in Germany, and it strikes us with surprises everyday.

Our shows are still an adventure, every single day. Trying to gather the attention of a thousand kids that came to see way bigger acts than you is a hard task, but it’s an exciting one. By now we figured out how to gain a crowd: just act as crazy as possible. Climb the speakers, look the audience straight in the eye and yell at them to “get their asses right in front of this stage, NOW!” We always put a smile on top of it, though, we’re not THAT cool.

There’s only 7 more shows left on this rollercoaster of a tour and we’re here to make them count. The last few days are going to be filled with sharing contacts, saying goodbye and shopping the shit out of all the merchandise tents around here, to come back home with a huge bag of giveaways and memorabilia of one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

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