Cassia – TOUR TIPS Cassia – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the rock band, Cassia, give you their advice for being on the road. Cassia – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the rock band, Cassia, give you their advice for being on the road. You can check out their tips and stream their newest single, Loosen Up, after the break.

1. Make Your Own Lunch
Our first tip is one we live by every day. A lot of hostels/hotels do free breakfast, and as you’ll most likely be in the van at lunchtime you’ll want to sneak out as much food as humanly possible. Remember to make sure the vigilant breakfast officers don’t notice (especially in Berlin.) This is important as you will be chased into the lift grabbing your salami butty at the last minute like some kind of swiss cheese wielding Indiana Jones.


2. Stretching Is Key
Stretching is a very important part of touring. If you don’t stretch you’ll be like Rob who ended our most recent Cologne gig by falling on the floor backstage in crippling back pain. Then, surrounded by alarmed-sounding German paramedics you’ll be taken to the hospital. Then to a back specialist and then be told to lie down in the van all the time. This sucks for the rest of the band as well because you’ll have to load in all of the singer’s gear on top of yours because your label has instigated a ‘lifting ban’ for that one lucky band member.


3. Be Polite With Foreign Police
You will definitely be pulled over at some point. Don’t let your driver/bassist drink even one beer. They don’t find it funny at all. Also, don’t have loose vitamin pills that look hilariously like ecstasy in your pocket. Above all, be polite because they have guns.


4. How Not To Get Ill
Buy a Lenny Kravitz-sized scarf, and try not to eat shit all of the time. Colds on tour are shit because once one of you gets one, everyone in the van will get it. Musicians are moaners and if they get ill as well it’s nearly unbearable. On top of this, if your touring party is large enough, by the time everyone has had it, it’ll have mutated somehow and you’ll get it again. It’s a vicious cycle until the tour ends.


5. If Your Van Tire Looks Fucked, Tell Someone
Don’t ignore shit like this, our van tire blew up on the Autobahn at 85mph. And, if it wasn’t for our driver’s ninja moves on the steering wheel we might not be here. We then enjoyed a wet and cold 2 hours watching all the Mercedes Benz drivers fly by before it got fixed by some hi-vis German Hercules. If it looks broken, tell your tour manager.

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