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In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative pop band, Cemetery Sun shares the acts that they would include on their ultimate tour lineup. You... Cemetery Sun – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative pop band, Cemetery Sun shares the acts that they would include on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Touring has always been key to a band’s success — unless you were the Beatles and could go decades without playing a live show, (talk about extremely loyal fans!) In today’s “digital” music scene, touring has become an even more crucial component to the success and longevity of a band.

There is a handful of acts that Cemetery Sun would be honored to tour with. Our dream line-up for a world tour would consist of Cemetery Sun as the opener — playing with acts like 30 Seconds to Mars, TwentyOne Pilots, and Circa Survive.

First and foremost, 30STM is an incredible headliner…especially in other countries outside of the US. Not only is the band extremely talented and theatrical, but have made themselves into a global cultural movement. (Be sure to Watch the “Closer to the Edge” video/tour montage.) They have a loyal fan base in all different kinds of locations across the world. The theatrics of their tours could also teach Cemetery Sun some stage tricks moving forward. Jared Leto and our vocalist Josh Doty are both energetic belters on stage, and would easily be able to team up and flawlessly perform a 30STM or CemSun song together. Having Leto on our single “(Hard Drugs) Fake Love” during a live performance would be extremely special.

We are huge fans of Twenty One Pilots, so they would definitely be co-headliners for our dream tour, no doubt. The dark lyrics and vibe that the band puts off is insane! Their live show continues to grow with every damn show — it’s really inspiring to us. Our drummer, Austen Butler, and the Twenty One Pilots drummer, Josh Dun, both bring a lot of energy on stage. Dun is known for his on-stage drum shows, and we could imagine a crazy drum spectacle between Butler and Dun if this tour became a reality. It would be insanity to have both bands perform their anthemic single “Car Radio” together towards the end of their set. Twenty One Pilots vocalist Tyler Joseph would also compliment our ballad “E.Y.T.Y.K.”, maybe even playing his signature piano during the track as well. Also would love to see our guitarist Elliot Polokoff and Tyler Joseph collaborate on a track together, that would be really something.

Last but not least, the second band on the line-up would be Circa Survive. At first, this might seem a little out there. However, we have never really cared about what should be “right” or not. Circa Survive + Cemetery Sun would compliment each other in more ways than one would think. Anthony Green has one of the highest ranges out there without it being too over the top. Our lead guitarist Jesse Mancillas would have a field day if we were on tour with this band; Circa Survive being one of his favorite live shows. They would also just bring a constant energy on stage that would really round out this dream tour of ours.

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