Chiodos and Emarosa Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW Chiodos and Emarosa Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW
We had the chance to attend and write a review of the Chiodos and Emarosa Co-Headline Tour while it made its stop at Mojoes... Chiodos and Emarosa Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW

We had the chance to attend and write a review of the Chiodos and Emarosa Co-Headline Tour while it made its stop at Mojoes of Joliet on March 2nd. The tour also featured performances from Go Radio and Decoder. Check out the review after the break.

When it comes to rocking socks off, Emarosa and Chiodos know exactly what they’re doing. Their March 2nd show at Mojoes packed the place with hardcore moshers who couldn’t get enough of what these bands were giving out.

Mojoes in Joliet, IL is the perfect pit stop for a post-hardcore, alternative rock tour like Emarosa and Chiodos. This fairly large, upscale venue with wide open floors looks like it was made for crowd surfing and elbow throwing. And the bonus of an upstairs gave concert-goers an alternative to being smashed up against the stage when fans broke out in intense dancing.

Arriving just before 7 p.m., I noticed the place wasn’t nearly as packed as I anticipated. Using the space to my advantage, I ventured to the merch table to check out the goods. The table laid out some items that I have never seen offered at concerts before like basketball shorts and booty shorts. Classic merchandise was also available: CD’s, posters, t-shirts… Everything was at a set price of twenty dollars. I managed to chat with two of the table workers, James (Emarosa) and Jen (Chiodos), who have been running merch tables for bands for about a year. But before I could get any more information, the first band began testing their equipment.

Opening the show was Decoder. This progressive rock band has an interesting combination of ominous singing and screaming vocals, emphasized by the thick clouds of smoke hovering on the stage. Decoder’s third song of the set, their new single “Conflict,” livened up the scene as the previously baron crowd trickled in. Enthusiastic front row fans were able to sing at the mic multiple times. The band definitely got my sympathy vote when scremo vocalist Keith Jones stated how the band spent the last of their money to fix a tire so they could perform.

Go Radio followed Decoder with a lighter side to the alternative rock genre of the evening. My first impression of them came from their mic check. The incorporation of conversations with the crowd and their check testing showed how fun and easy going this band is. Go Radio had a causal Four Year Strong look about them, definitely not as hard of a look as Decoder or Chiodos, and that gave way to their lighter style of music. Go Radio used a smoke machine too, but it didn’t match the band’s entertaining personality. There was just smoke everywhere. The lighting effects added a dramatic effect to pauses and heavy beats in songs like “In Our Final Hour”. This song also got the crowd moving and jumping around a bit.

Next in the line-up was Emarosa, relieving the anticipation that weighed down the crowd. New temporary lead vocalist Tilian Pearson (former vocalist for Tides of Man), made his debut to the tour as the band emerged with an explosive entrance of lights, drums and guitars. In response, the crowd broke out into a mosh pit and a girl smashed her phone. The atmosphere was quickly becoming intense.Emarosa gives their all to their fans as sweat drenched guitar player Jonas Ladekjaer after just two songs. When things calmed down a bit, the band stated that their temp vocalist is replacing Jonny Craig for the remainder of the tour due legal problems that have also lead him to check into detox.

Finally, concluding the night, the long-awaited Chiodos. I was immediately moshed up to the front when Chiodos appeared on stage (thank you, moshers). At the beginning of the first song “Illuminaudio,” the crowd threw their hands up and let the fast beats control their bodies, throwing themselves against the stage. Brandon Bolmer’s lead vocals were slightly drowned out by the instruments, but front row fans didn’t care as they reached for his mic and clothes in attempts to touch him. Songs from older CD’s like “Baby, You Wouldn’t Last A Minute On The Creek” and” Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork?” were played even though they were previously sung by a different singer. Bolmer came out after these songs and said he’s no Craig Owens so if you don’t like that, then you can leave. Basically, Bolmer was tired of being compared to him.

Overall Chiodos performed well, using the lights and smoke cohesively and taking fans’ built up energy from previous bands and releasing it for a grand musical climax.

Information about this tour…
: Chiodos and Emarosa Co-Headline Tour
Bands: Chiodos, Emarosa, Go Radio and Decoder
Date: March 2, 2011
Venue: Mojoes in Joliet, IL


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