In this Dream Tour segment, the progressive rock band, CHON, shares the acts that they would include on their ultimate tour lineup. You can... CHON – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the progressive rock band, CHON, shares the acts that they would include on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

We’ve played a lot of shows in the past with metal bands and so people tend to group us into that genre and assume that’s what we all like, but our biggest influences have actually come from jazz and hip hop. In terms of shows, we’re personally not fans of having six or seven bands that sound exactly the same playing after one-another and would love the idea of a tour that doesn’t focus on genres but rather just awesome diverse musical acts. We hope to someday make that happen! If we were to choose which musical acts we would tour with, these three instantly come to mind:

Hiromi Uehara is a jazz pianist from Japan that graduated from the Berklee College of Music and has been releasing albums through the past decade or so. She’s an artist who has influenced us as musicians when we were first starting to play instruments back in the mid 2000s, and continues to influence us to this day. Our music wouldn’t sound the same if we had never gotten into her playing and writing. She’s just so good that all of her music just has an intangible magical quality to us and it’d truly be a dream to be on a tour with her.

Flying Lotus has probably been our favorite electronic music producer since we first got into electronic and hip hop. His style, art, and music all come together to give that rare experience of putting the listener into another world. Every record since 1983 has captivated us completely, and none of them ever seem to get old. Also, I’ve watched like all of his interviews and he seems like the most awesome guy ever and just instantly relatable. Going on tour with him would definitely be a unique situation because he’s a DJ and we’re a full band, but I think that would be one sick show.

Toro Y Moi is another electronic producer that we’ve been listening to for years. His songwriting and singing actually have been the biggest influence on our decision to experiment with vocals on our records. His two albums Causers of This and Anything in Return are and always will be at the top of our tour music playlists. We just love his music so much and to see him play every night would be incredible.

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