The Cool Quest – TOUR TIPS The Cool Quest – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the pop soul artist, The Cool Quest, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. The Cool Quest – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the pop soul artist, The Cool Quest, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

1. Never eat an XL sized burger (or any other big meal) right before the show. I did this once, cuz, had no choice. Diner was a bit late and because I had nothing to eat for the whole day, I had no choice but to high-speed shove it in my face five minutes bf the show. The burger ended up under the drum riser cuz I couldn’t hold it in. Luckily the guitar player was doing a solo and I was able to camouflage this event by throwing the excrement under the drum riser while I pulled a pirouette like it was nothing. I think nobody really witnessed this event but the tour manager. Who laughed his ass off.


2. Never eat too much fried fish combined with too much other kinds of smoked and fresh fish (as in, 3 eels) right before the show. This time I was standing next to the stage while the band was already rocking the intro. Did a quick gag next to the stage (and fish barfs are the ugliest, believe me..) Jumped right up on stage, just in time the intro was done. “Good evening everyone!!” Really feel bad for the technician and audio-company and also the next lead singer who used the same mic later that festival..


3. Never joke around with border patrol guys. Especially, don’t joke around about drugs.. And especially when you’re from Holland and you think you can joke around about it when you’re not in the Netherlands. So this time we were in Germany.. We we’re all a bit tipsy in the back throwing a little party with the music loud and the black lights on. So picture this. We got stopped by the border patrol. Had to open the side-doors. Me and two other band members were shirtless, wearing weird sunglasses while holding bottles of whisky and beers in our hands. Quite suspicious.. So they asked us: “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” (which means: Do you speak German) With us answering: “Uuuuuhh…..” (we were a bit slow, obviously). They immediately came with a quick counter question: “Haben Sie Drogen?” (which means: Do you have any drugs on you) As we responded laughing with: “Jah, nur ein bisschen!” (which means: Yeah, just a little bit!) assuming we answered the first question….. Next thing you know we were in a tent with our hands on our knees getting sniffed out by the drug dogs.
Smart move..


4. When your sitting shotgun never leave your arms hanging outside your own window, into the side door opening, on the inside frame of the tour bus. Cuz a band member will unnoticeably slam the door and squash your hands to smithereens. Yep, this happened.. And it will happen to you if you do this.


5. But most of all: have lots of fun touring, be grateful and enjoy every second of it! During this Corona situation it’s not even possible for quite a while. Nobody knows how long it will last, but let’s hope for the best and as soon as this is all over with and we’re all able to tour again: ENJOY, live the moment and while you’re carpin’ all those diems, seize it!

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
28-10-2020 Helios37, Cologne (Germany)
29-10-2020 Im Wizemann, Sturrgart (Germany)
30-10-2020 Carinisaal, Lustenau (Austria)
06-11-2020 Sublime, Aflenz (Austria)
07-11-2020 Das Werk, Vienna (Austria)
12-11-2020 Die HebeBühne, Hamburg (Germany)

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