Crash Kings – TOUR TIPS Crash Kings – TOUR TIPS
This new set of Tour Tips was written by, Michael Beliveau, the bassist of the rock band, Crash Kings. You can check out his tips... Crash Kings – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by, Michael Beliveau, the bassist of the rock band, Crash Kings. You can check out his tips for being on the road, after the break.

1. Stretch/Practice Yoga – This goes for people in any profession but when on tour its absolutely crucial to stretch yourself out. Long drives, loading gear and rocking your nuts off on stage takes its toll on your body after time and the only way to keep everything working and functioning right is to take 5-10 min everyday to really stretch out. Also drink plenty of water.

2. Become your own tech – Music gear can be very complicated but its just simple enough for us all learn a little about so we can problem solve in those desperate moments. The sky can seem like its falling down when your gear doesn’t work right or doesn’t sound right. Ask your crew guy or local sound man questions when you can. Knowing the ins and outs of your gear can save you from a nervous breakdown. Also carry backups of some of your gear. If something fails in the middle of a song you can have piece of mind in knowing your backup is just feet from you.

3. Nap – We all know that sleep is very important to our health and wellness. Scheduling doesn’t always allow for adequate sleep and sometimes we find ourselves playing shows when we’re nearly passing out right before going on stage. Its incredible what 10min of silence with your head down can do. 20 min is even better. Don’t be afraid to take this time for yourself to regroup – it can be the difference between a great show and a horrible one.

4. Change up your daily routine – One of the great things about going on tour is not being in the same place everyday. If you take the time (granted you have it) to enjoy each city that your in and try to see something different you’ll really appreciate your tour that much more. Go to a museum, check out the local food specialties, or even just take a stroll around the neighborhood and find a local coffee shop. Changing up your routine will keep you from going completely insane on tour.

5. Laugh – There are so many ridiculous things you encounter while trekking around from city to city. We’ve been refused service cause of our appearance, treated like riff raff, yelled at by random strangers in hotel lobbies, amongst other numerous crimes against humanity. The only way to survive those moments when things just don’t seem quite right is to laugh about it. We all have our differences and there’s so much that is out of our control. If you can find a way to laugh about those things it will make the tough times so much easier.

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