Datsik’s “2015 Ninja Nation Tour” – REVIEW Datsik’s “2015 Ninja Nation Tour” – REVIEW
We recently attended Datsik’s “2015 Ninja Nation Tour” at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. You can check out our review of the night, after... Datsik’s “2015 Ninja Nation Tour” – REVIEW

We recently attended Datsik’s “2015 Ninja Nation Tour” at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. You can check out our review of the night, after the break.

The 2015 Ninja Nation Tour blasted through Chicago on February 20th and the 21st for a two night run that was filled with bone crushing bass and some of the wildest visuals being produced in the scene today. For opening support Datsik brought the amazing Fox Stevenson, Trolley Snatcha and Kennedy Jones to get the crowed pumped before the main event. Both Chicago shows on this tour did end up selling out, and every bass head came out of the woodwork to see Datsik once again annihilate Concord Music Hall. Around the same time last year Datsik rolled through town to play the same venue, only to have part of the ceiling collapse on to the heads of concert patrons. With the thought of bass so strong that it would literally tear apart the music hall, it was certain that Datsik would once again deliver.

I managed to miss the first opening act, UK bass producer Fox Stevenson, but I couldn’t really have gotten there at a better time. Upon strolling into Concord I could already hear the deep grinding bass that could be none other than London producer, Trolley Snatcha. Trolley’s set was all about the music and nothing else. The stage was almost completely dark and big LED boards and seizure-causing strobes were not needed for him to get the crowed riled up. Hopping around on stage in the dark while spinning extremely deep and dirty bass songs that all blended together perfectly, Trolley Snatcha was a definite hit.

I never expected to go to a dubstep show and hear songs like Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “Seven Nation Army” from The White Stripes, and “Fuck You” from Cee Lo Green. Kennedy Jones absolutely blew me away with his real talent and original set material. Kennedy got up on stage and yelled in the microphone that he was going to be all over the place with his music, because that’s just how he likes to do things. From trap music and big room house bangers, to oldie rock songs and rap, I think the incredibly eclectic mix was fresh and different from what I’ve ever seen anybody do. At one point in the set Kennedy even dropped an old school hip-hop beat and proceeded to spit some rhymes for the enthusiastic crowd.

Not only did the Ninja Nation Tour bring some amazing artists to Chicago, it also brought the all new vortex 3.0 stage design that Datsik has been implementing for this tour. The vortex is an extraordinary stage piece that consists of basically a large cone that he plays in, while a projector mounted at the back of the theater splashes trippy visuals and pictures all around him. Along with the vortex, Datsik has been bringing with him a massive PK Sound system on this tour, making for a very loud, bright, and bizarre experience. With the tour being in support of Datsik’s new EP, “Down 4 My Ninjas,” plenty of those songs were utilized in the set, along with tunes from his other seven albums and EPs. Half of the set was utilized extremely well, giving Datsik time to drop one filthy bass track after another. For the rest of the time before the show was called at around 2 am, something amazing happened. Datsik invited up on stage the opening producers and they all went back to back on the decks for one massive bass party. With a combination of Trolley Snatcha, Kennedy Jones, Fox Stevenson, and Datsik all cramming themselves into the vortex cone to get at the controls, they combined efforts to do something special for Chicago’s loyal bass fans. By the end of the show a large part of the audience had left and it was only the true fans that remained to cheer on the epic back to back set that simply blew everybody’s minds.

Information about this review:
Tour –
 Datsik’s 2015 Ninja Nation Tour
Artists – Datsik, Kennedy Jones, Trolley Snatcha
Reviewer – Michael Nutting
Date – February 21st, 2015
Venue – Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL

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