In this Dream Tour segment, the pop-rock artist, Devora, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. Devora – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop-rock artist, Devora, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Without question my dream tour would be alongside Johnny Cash.


Johnny Cash has been a huge inspiration to my songwriting and artistry since I was a small kid. My dad introduced me to his music when I was in middle school and my world changed overnight. I started to learn his songs on guitar and create cover versions of some of the classics with my own twist. I would read his lyrics like poetry and play them over and over again on my guitar in a transcendental state.


As an innate lover and connoisseur of dark music, I instantly and instinctively was drawn to Johnny Cash at a very young age.


To me he’s like, a goth Elvis; he’s one of the greatest musical storytellers of the 20th century. I commend his boldness and fearlessness with songwriting and storytelling. I admire how he was truly the only person at the time creating music in this vein, as country/Americana music during his time was not skewed dark by any means.


Johnny took country music and ran it through a dark filter where outlaws ran free. His haunting tales of digging graves and men marching to the gallows resonated deeply with audiences. Johnny’s daring and valiant songwriting was truly ahead of its time. He contributed a musical journey to country music fans who wanted to ride on the darker side of the genre, who may not have necessarily had an outlet before his music.


One of my favorite performances of Johnny’s are the live shows that he played at San Quentin state prison in the 1960s. I imagine it was so bold and powerful for an artist to perform at a state prison during this point in history. Johnny Cash connected directly with this audience at San Quentin and Folsom prison and it was as if he was one of the inmates himself. His lyrics and songs told their stories perfectly…it was almost as if he was speaking for them. I would love to play San Quentin and Folsom prison in 2021 with “the man in black” himself—this is my ultimate dream scenario.

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