In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, dim (featuring ex-members of The Dangerous Summer and Woe, Is Me), reveals who they would... dim – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, dim (featuring ex-members of The Dangerous Summer and Woe, Is Me), reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Our ultimate dream tour line-up would be Kings of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, Deftones, and Nothing But Thieves.


Nick chose Kings of Leon. His favorite album of all time is “Walls.” Matthew Followill has some of the best leads and Nick pulls a lot of inspiration from his writing. He used to listen to “Walls” and “Come Around Sundown” over and over again with Ben while driving up to Nashville to get ready to fill in with “The Dangerous Summer” for a couple of tours. Their entire career is one of the perfect band stories – rags to riches, all original members, and it really shows you that anyone can do this if you put the time and work in with the right talent and songs.


Charlie chose Manchester Orchestra. His father got sick in 2009 and he ended up staying in Lakeland, FL while his father was in and out of the hospital. Charlie was actually high school friends with the guys in the band. Robert was a close friend to him and was extremely comforting and so was their current album at that time, “Mean Everything To Nothing.” Every album they’ve released has been a big influence for him musically and their lyrics have been a lifeline of inspiration and hope. The guys ended up coming through Orlando, guest-listed him for the show, and made the night super special. We would be honored to hopefully one day share the stage with them.


Ben, of course, has picked Deftones. He was always inspired by them because no one does what they do. They somehow transcended new metal and they’re still going strong. Abe Cunningham creates some of the best drum patterns and really has some signature grooves – you know when he’s the one playing. He’s always been drawn to the raw emotionally charged energy that they bring. They have lots of imitators but are a truly iconic band that could never be replaced.


Lastly, Matt chose Nothing But Thieves. He absolutely loves their guitar riffs and the sound that they’ve developed. Connor Mason is hands down, one of the most talented vocalists in the game right now. The way he pushes the limit and uses his falsetto honestly gave Matt the confidence to use his more. He feels like NBT is setting the stage for how rock music is evolving – their live sound is top-notch and we believe they’d be one of the best current bands to compliment our sound on tour.

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