In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the thrash metal band, Dust Bolt, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. Dust Bolt – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the thrash metal band, Dust Bolt, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Well, there are many funny stories to be told from the road actually! One story that I really love to remember is about our trip to Essen in Germany, where many things happened in a row – more or less coincidentally. We had an old van which we really loved, called the Boltmobil. We were supposed to play a festival and as it was summer we decided to travel to Essen the day before the show already. We had a driver and as you can imagine, not playing a show the same day and having to travel for hours equals an invitation to have a couple of cold ones during the drive! We stopped at a gas station where some hippie-looking hitchhiking guys asked us if we could take them with us a few miles. They were funny. Of course, few miles later we were stopped by the police and the hippie guys had to swallow anything they got – and they got A LOT (they were doing some kind of GOA Festival tour). While they ate what the police should not have seen, we were holding our beer cans while our driver was said to be good to go and we continued driving. The next stop the hippies said goodbye. Another new appeared immediately.

He was carrying a saxophone with him. We promised him to take him with us in the van if he played for us. And there we would be driving into the sunset, me jamming on the acoustic guitar and him playing along, improvising with his saxophone. It was a DREAM.

When we arrived in Essen, he decided to put up his tent in a park and we went to visit a friend. The next morning we went to our van and somebody had broken into it. They damaged the big side window and stole our CDs and our navigation system (luckily no equipment after all). After a short stop at the police station, we had to go to the festival and play the show. Our saxophone hippie guy was in the first row of the festival, banging his head more than anybody else. After the show, we had to find a parking lot to park our broken van safely, without having the equipment taken out by anybody. It was hard to find a parking garage which was high enough for our van to fit in. As we thought we found one, we found ourselves and the van stuck between the roof and floor – our roof window crashed and fell on our heads into pieces. Another window is gone. We had cabriolet from there on.

We were able to manage to find a private garage to park our van into overnight, but guess how our way back the next day looked like? 7 hours drive and it rained! We tried to fix the windows with ducktape but we didn´t have enough. We enjoyed the loud wind, the rain, being wet and driving without 2 windows, without navigation and with only one CD left – from a band we just met at the festival – Insanity Alert. Since then, we really do know their every song of the first album (it rules!!).

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