The Eeries – TOUR TIPS The Eeries – TOUR TIPS
This new set of Tour Tips was written by the rock band, The Eeries. You can check out their tips for being on the... The Eeries – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by the rock band, The Eeries. You can check out their tips for being on the road, after the break.

1. EMERGEN-C and AIRBORNE! These two magical elixirs will become your best friend on the road. Trust us on this one. You should take both of these every day, right when you wake up (whatever time of the day/night that is!) When you are traveling from city to city, you will be in different environments and interacting with many people. You need to keep your immune system and general health in the best shape as possible. The off-name brand versions work just as well.

2. LOTS OF EXTRA UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS!! You might think we are joking but it’s a necessity. While on tour you can usually get away with wearing the same pants and shirts, but changing your underwear and socks daily will be greatly appreciated by the others around you and your own sweaty band guy body. As yoda said….”BO is the path to the dark side. BO leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering…”

3. SLEEP WHENEVER YOU CAN!!! It’s easier said than done especially when band mates are hanging out, partying, or doing god knows what, but trying to get sleep whenever possible will help your sanity, especially on a longer tour. Also, lack of sleep leads to getting sick. Getting sick makes the rest of your band sick. Sleep!

4. BRING A BOOK!!!! We all have smart phones and smart pads these days, and those devices serve a wonderful purpose in being able to communicate immediately with family and friends via phone calls or social media, but sometimes a good old fashioned book (yes those mysterious blocks of paper with words printed on them) are a fantastic way to unplug from all of the noise. Some parts of the country will not have cell reception and the beauty of a book is that it doesn’t need a battery. Unless you have a battery operated book, in which case you are from the future and terrify us.

5. SET YOUR MERCH UP WITH A PLAN!!!!! It’s always a good idea to have your merch set up organized the best you can before you play on stage that night. Have your email list with a clip board ready. Have your shirts organized by size in piles. Have your cd’s, vinyl, posters, stickers buttons, etc easy to access and ready. After the show, if you rocked it, many potential new fans are gonna want to talk with you. If you can, try to have these new potential instrgram followers get into a single file line so you can efficiently give everyone the same amount of band love and attention. Every band member needs a working sharpie and have one guy be the money guy. This portion of the evening will always be chaos no matter what happens, but if you can try to plan ahead as much as possible, you might not sweat at the merch booth as much as you just sweated on stage!

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