Evan Cline – DREAM TOUR Evan Cline – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the acoustic artist, Evan Cline, lets you know who he would like on his ultimate tour lineup. You can... Evan Cline – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the acoustic artist, Evan Cline, lets you know who he would like on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

I would say if I had to list my ” Dream Tour ” inductee’s, there would be three.

Starting from number three, John Mayer.
I follow him on Snapchat, right now I believe he is on the ” Dead and Company U.S. tour” and he just seems like he’s having the time of his life ” off stage ” he seems like the guy where he could say ” Evan, were gonna play a 45 minute jam set in the subway before the show tonight, cool? ” spontaneous moments like that are everlasting. As a guitarist, I think he’s on everyone’s list to kind of ” look up too ” especially for people who may be starting out learning guitar, you know, your first thoughts are ” I want to play like John Mayer some day “

Number Two, Taylor Swift.
I’m not sure if its the Pennsylvania thing we have in common, but as a songwriter I think specifically there would be a lot of moments on tour where I could pick her brain about a few things about writing while traveling and whatnot. Aside from the Super-Star venue’s that come with touring with Taylor, I’m one who can really appreciate someone’s personality and kindness. It seems she’s presented herself for a number of years as kind, dorky, and very thankful (Great Combo). Not to mention, while gaining huge exposure at these venues, time away from the shows as I mentioned wouldn’t seem forced in my mind. Obviously, I don’t know her personally, however, I feel she would be the person to wish me luck before each set, or help me in any disaster that comes with touring without having any second thoughts. She just seems very adapting and sweet that way. Finally, with the type of style, my music presents itself, it kind of dates back to her older albums that are ” acoustic based ” which I feel she could apply so much knowledge to me going forward in my career.

Number ONE, Boyce Avenue.
These guys have been my number one inspiration towards the way I construct my style of music (Covers/Originals) I’ve been fortunate enough to see them live, and I’ll honestly say I really became hooked on their original music from those shows. They tour most overseas so being able to relate to different audiences would really be a huge opportunity to connect with those different cultures. For myself, I feel my set-list can compliment theirs because of how similar our music blends together with top 50 cover songs/Acoustic-Pop Originals . They are intriguing to me because each brother of the band contributes something different that applies to what a typical label would. That type of coverage of information would be valuable to me. I feel on the road they travel comfortably and there would be a lot of time to talk, play video games, and learn so much to the grind of a tour as an independent artist. It kind of goes hand in hand as to the knowledge I would gain, there would be anticipated instances where they could genuinely relate to my music and enjoy someone who has very similar ideas as them. They have done it the right way as an independent band, and the reason I do what I do is to hopefully sit next to them in the music world some day.

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