Everybody Looks Famous – TOUR TIPS Everybody Looks Famous – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the pop rock band, Everybody Looks Famous, give you some advice for being on the road. You can check... Everybody Looks Famous – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the pop rock band, Everybody Looks Famous, give you some advice for being on the road. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1: Always keep the tour bus / van clean! Up to 9 people living in a cramped up space stinks enough without having tonnes of red bull cans (other energy drinks available), half-eaten tuna sandwiches and whatever else Tesco had in the sale items section lying around. We have learnt from this mistake before and it quite neatly leads us into tip number 2.

2: Always have tonnes of carrier bags / bin bags around you on the tour. It could be for last night’s sweaty show clothes or all the meal deal rubbish we eat, but making sure you organise the mess makes the venue / dressing room / tour van a hell of a much nicer place to be and believe us when we say you spend soooo much time in these places you want them to be immaculate!

3: Always have pens and paper on the tour bus / van. So… we have had some pretty long ass drives and if we are fed up of sleeping or telling all of our inappropriate jokes, then we tend to play stupid games like Pictionary or the one where you write a celebrity on a piece of paper and give it someone but don’t tell them who it is so they have to ask questions to guess who it is? No idea what its called, but that has been hilarious and it kills the boredom of a 6-hour van drive! Pens and paper also help if you leave all of your printed setlists at the venue on the first night of the tour…

4: Hygiene! Make sure to pay hand sanitizer and wet wipes…nobody likes to smell gross, especially when we meet people after the shows. We want to smell amazing and make a good impression. We don’t want people going home after the show and being like “Yeah I remember that band Everybody Looks Famous, they all smell like shit!” Haha! Wet wipes are a life saver if you are on a strict deadline as well and don’t have much time to shower. Oh! that and dry shampoo!

5: Book hotels and places to stay in advance…. unless you are brave and don’t mind sleeping in a van! We have never done this ourselves but we have seen it done and we aren’t massive fans of showering at service stations, haha! So yeah, look around and get your bookings in early! It sounds lame but saves you loads of money, which can be spent in more constructive ways. Like crates of cheap french lager from Lidl. Classy band!

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