Family of Things – TOUR TIPS Family of Things – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock duo, Family of Things, gives you some tips for being in the road. Family of Things – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock duo, Family of Things, gives you some tips for being in the road. You can check out their advice, after the break.

1. Bring your hobbies with you. Whether it’s reading, film, knitting, or even a good side hustle, downtime between your shows gives plenty of opportunities to be productive, or go insane. It’s important to keep the head in a positive space, doing things that keep you smiling! Make sure to look after “you” as a musician, but also “you” as a human.


2. Do your research! Wherever you may find yourself, put the time in to learn about your surroundings. Submerge directly into the culture and society you find yourself in. Eating at the right local spots vs the convenience of chains, using all the right gym trials, and even the odd outing/excursion can bring a whole lot of life to the mundane life on the road. And don’t be shy to interact with as many locals as you can (within reason…), you’ll find yourself integrated and feeling welcome because of it, and will experience many more genuine experiences through meeting them.


3. Find your moments. Being a band on the road will either make you or break you. As important as it is to bond with your brothers in arms, its equally as important to find time and space of your own…sometimes its easier said than done, but get creative about it anyways. This can be as simple as going for a walk with your favourite new record, reading a book for an hour at a cafe, and can even go as far as planning for a full day/afternoon of solo time. And if you have friends and family in whatever place you may be, do yourself a favor and connect with them, and “escape” from the touring cycle of playing shows, eating out, driving, sleeping, etc. You’ll find yourself brighter, more eager, happier and refreshed from it.


4. Connect with people and your world at home! This is a pretty obvious one, but make sure you take the time and put the effort in to stay connected to your loved ones back home. Go above and beyond to make calls to your wife/significant other, send more texts than usual to let them know they are missed and loved, put the effort in! At the end of the day, touring is INSANE and you need to make sure you do your part to come home to a healthy home dynamic. Keep connections to your roots and you’ll grow fonder and fonder of them because of it.


5. Enjoy today. Take the time to appreciate what you’re doing, when you’re doing it! Touring can be a ton of fun, but can also be exhausting if you’re always looking ahead. Appreciate your moments, and try to not always be looking for what comes next! In the end, touring your music across the province or state or country or planet is a total blessing and one not to be taken for granted. Step outside of yourself at times, to look at the sincere moments being offered to you on stage or off, and take a big breath. This is a beautiful life you’re living, and enjoy it while it’s happening.

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