In this Dream Tour segment, the indie electro duo, FARR, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. FARR – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie electro duo, FARR, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Linden: Hmmmm, well when I think about what it would mean to have a dream tour, I think a lot about the kind of people I’d want on it first. I feel like we’d want to make sure we were touring with people who don’t complain all the time. People who understand the ground rules and that we’re all tired but we’re in this for the same reasons. You’ve gotta keep the morale high – even the days when people are hungover and exhausted. We’d want to tour with people who are independent and are willing to explore and have fun on tour, not people who want to just hide out in their hotel rooms even though most of the time that’s all you want to do haha.


Romeo: In terms of people we’d want to tour with, I feel like definitely Radiant Children.


Linden: Radiant Children for sure, they’re some of my best friends – crazy musicians, every show they do is mind-blowing. Fabienne in Radiant Children is an old friend of mine, he does production with Marco and Lophiile. I’ve seen the band’s progression from the beginning of them starting the group and it’s been amazing to watch them develop. I’ve been to every show they’ve ever done in London! We’d have to have them on our tour because I know how sick they are live. I think our sound works really well with theirs – they’ve got this explosive energy that pairs so well with the emotional and intimate moments. Great spread of amazing vocals and beats, if you’ve got Lophiile producing the beats they’re obviously going to be bumping.


Romeo: We’d also definitely need Kiah Victoria. We had her play at one of our FARR House nights in LA. They’re these shows where we go into unconventional spaces and we do a pop up that has music from us and our friends but also local artists like painters, food, everything. She’s a crazy songwriter and a close friend who is great to hang out with. It really matters if you like hanging out with people on tour because you spend so much time with them. We’ve been touring with Hayden James which has been sick because he’s such a homie.


Romeo: Oh, also Kelis for sure. We’ve been fans of her since we were kids. So many incredible records, she’s such a legend and is important to so many artist’s careers and is an inspiration to a lot of people. Also H.E.R. – I’ve been watching a bunch of her shows on YouTube and she’s undoubtably an incredible performer and her musicianship is so high and the band kills it. Would be an honor to get to tour with her.


Rome: Lil Nas X, because he seems like he has a lot of sick cowboy boots that I’d really like to try on.


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