In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative rock band, Fate Under Fire, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. Fate Under Fire – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative rock band, Fate Under Fire, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Ok, so there are a few stories. The first one that comes to mind is I decided to get a 34’ Class A RV for touring. It’s like a damn bus. We had a show in Santa Cruz and one of the first times driving it had to drive on a narrow 2-way road with a TON of turns through the mountains. Our manager at the time was so scared and kept screaming. We made it there ok and played an acoustic set for this cafe that was associated with a small church. We aren’t a “Christian Band” but this ties into the rest of the story. So maybe the scary drive made everyone think YOLO or something. On the ride after our show, we ask ourselves, where’s (old band member, we will name Joe). Well, he kept going to the bathroom with his phone. He started bragging about getting this girls number from the show and we realized he was totally sexting a girl from the church. It pissed some of us off and he was kicked out! We started #metoo before it started, that’s how progressive we are, ok?

Story #2 involves driving through the mountains AGAIN. We were traveling up to Oregon for a show that night with the lead singer of Eve 6. It happened to be an acoustic show and was a trek, so no RV this time. As we were traveling up the mountain, it started POURING and got really dark. Two of the guys were cupcaking in the back as I was driving and I started fishtailing on the freeway with a thousand-foot drop next to us. I was able to correct it due to my GTA prep skills, but it scared all of us pretty good. Later that night, we stayed in my late great grandmother’s home in Hornbrook, CA. It is a small run down town just inside the Oregon/California border. We got in around 2AM. The neighbor across the street that I was told as a kid were “Satanists” came out in the street with his hood on and just stared at us. I waved, but no change. I was creeped out. They also have a stove on their front porch to cook meth. The house we stayed in was built in the 1800s and is pretty creepy to most people. We brought a projector and watched SCREAM on a bedsheet in the middle of that small scary town. Scary night, but we’ll be going back again.

Story #3 isn’t insane and is more normal than anything. We all met up for a show in LA coming from different cars. Tyler and I were the only ones left after the show and had to drive back to Sacramento the next day. We were tired, and I had NO plans of getting a place. We were in the suburban and decided to sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It got cold throughout the night and we did a quick rinse in the bathroom Wal-Mart sink. Tried waking up early enough to do a quick music video shoot in the desert, the sun was too harsh when we got there, but it was a fun day. The messed up part about it was after not shooting in the desert, we decided to drive all the way out to Santa Cruz to scout for the “Parachute” music video.

-A better part of this story was on the way to the show, to begin with, we were asked to go on a very long tour. The emails by this organization were VERY LONG. SO long that while I asked Tyler to read the email while I drove, he damaged his voice and got laryngitis. It helped us decide not to do that tour.

Story #4 is embarrassing to admit, but we left some guitars at home for a show we had at the California State Fair. We did NOT have enough time to go home and get them, so off to Guitar Center to “buy” a guitar for a show. We returned it right after the show. It’s embarrassing but it wasn’t me, ok?

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