Firestarter – 3rd ROAD BLOG from “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour” Firestarter – 3rd ROAD BLOG from “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour”
The pop punk band, Firestarter, is currently out on their U.S. winter headline tour, called the “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour” with Trophy Wives,... Firestarter – 3rd ROAD BLOG from “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour”

The pop punk band, Firestarter, is currently out on their U.S. winter headline tour, called the “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour” with Trophy Wives, Nominee and Such A Mess. During this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for our site. You can check out the third blog, with photos, after the break.

Hello again from the Firestarter camp! It’s been an interesting week to say the least as I sit on the couch at the Nominee house and home to Zuko the husky. Nominee, if you didn’t already know, is an Austin, TX band who we have had the pleasure spending the last few days of our tour with. When we last left you, we had just finished our show in Orlando (It was a banger) and we were gearing up for our sad but final day with the Trophy Wives guys in Odessa, FL.

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The Goat House is an Odessa, FL venue run by a good friend of ours, Djack Jallo, and we have toured through there basically since the venue’s original conception. Ever since the first time we played there in the summer of 2013, we knew every time we came through the area, we would we play The Goat House. Spent the day outside in the beautiful seventy-five degree Florida weather alongside Trophy Wives guys and we miss it dearly. It’s forty degrees right now in Texas, help. Friends upon friends came out in force and it was a party. All of the bands were great, Trophy Wives killed it as always, and our set was a blast. Mark the last day with Trophy Wives down as a definite success. The past nine or so days with the guys in Trophy Wives was an absolute pleasure, a lot of fun, and something that needs to happen again. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

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The next few days we were on our own as we headed to Texas to meet up with Nominee. Monday February 23rd, we played The Handlebar in Pensacola, our final Florida show of tour. The last four days in the sunshine state had been great and this show added the cherry on top. Great bands once again, free booze (Score.), and great people all around at the popular dive-bar venue. The next day we had off, so we slept-in, relaxed, and made our way to a little city called New Orleans for a little R&R, or lack there of. None of us had ever been to the famous city and were in awe at the beauty of the city, Bourbon Street, and the always eclectic locals including our cab driver Tyrone. He was a character, that’s for sure. After a drunken night on the town, we crashed for the night, and headed off to Houston, TX the next day to meet up with the Nominee fellows.

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Houston, TX was our first show with the Austin post-hardcore, punk outfit and we couldn’t be more excited to spend the new few days with them. Though the show was small, every kid at Harrisburg Studio (Home of the chicken with actual breasts.) gave it their all and it made for great sets for us and Nominee. Definitely can’t wait to come back. Next day was Austin, Nominee’s hometown, and one of the biggest music capitals in the country. Austin is always a staple for a Firestarter and that will continue for as long as we are touring. The venue entitled Holy Mountain was right around the corner from the infamous 6th (Austin’s Bourbon St.) and a good time was to be had. And it was.

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Believe it or not, our show in Denton was canceled the next day because of snow and ice. Yes, snow and ice in Denton which is right outside Dallas. Wild. With that news, we spent the day hanging with Nominee and fell asleep like grandparents at 10 PM. The next day was San Antonio and our final day with Nominee. Though short lived, the few days we spent with them were awesome and San Antonio added to it. San Antonio always treats bands well, even if there is an impromptu Limp Bizkit cover. Yes, you heard me, a Limp Bizkit cover. It had been a running joke with us and Nominee and it came to fruition after our set finished Saturday. It was interesting to say the least, but a lot of fun. We said our goodbyes to Nominee and hit the road to Arizona and Such A Mess!

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Photos by: Dan Friend // Just Fly Casual

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