Firestarter – 4th ROAD BLOG from “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour” Firestarter – 4th ROAD BLOG from “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour”
The pop punk band, Firestarter, is currently out on their U.S. winter headline tour, called the “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour” with Trophy Wives,... Firestarter – 4th ROAD BLOG from “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour”

The pop punk band, Firestarter, is currently out on their U.S. winter headline tour, called the “Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour” with Trophy Wives, Nominee and Such A Mess. During this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for our site. You can check out the fourth and final blog, with photos, after the break.

Hey guys, Firestarter again for our final blog of the Firestarter & Friends Do America Tour! The last two weeks have been both a blur and a blast, but it’s sadly over. As I write this, I am sitting in front of my computer at home and miss being out with the guys in an extremely messy and smelly van. Totally worth it though and the countdown for next tour is on.

We made the long trek from San Antonio, TX to Tucson, AZ and finally met up with the California boys, Such A Mess, at The Rock and the second they pulled up, the fun began. As always, Tucson provided us with warm weather, a good time and both bands headed back to our new friend, Steve’s house (He’s the man). Drinks, late night talks, and hangs ensued until the morning when we left for San Diego. Time for California.

Firestarter - blog 4 - photo 3

If you didn’t already know, California is a favorite stop for us and we always love seeing the Pacific Ocean, the beaches, and everything the state has to offers, especially the music scene. We spent our well deserved day off on the beach and prepared for our show at Woody’s Burger Shop the next day. First off, the burgers at Woody’s were some of the best we’ve had and the staff was just as great! All of this lead to a great show with the Such A Mess boys and another good night.

The following day (Thursday, March 5th) was very important to us. We were playing the legendary Anaheim, CA venue, Chain Reaction. After growing up seeing bands like Senses Fail, New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Bayside, and more play the historic venue, it was our turn to play that stage. When we pulled up and saw that famous awning, we knew it was going to be a special night. After a wonderful night, we departed north to Salinas, CA.

Firestarter - blog 4 - photo 1

After a night spent in a CVS parking lot, us and Such a Mess made our way to the venue entitled EPEK Print Shop, an awesome DIY venue in the San Jose area of California. There were crazy paintings and graffiti all over the walls creating an awesome atmosphere for the show. Our friends Second to Last were also on the bill and the show turned out great. We found a place to stay for the night and prepared for our final day in California.

Our last show in The Golden State would take place at Jerry’s Pizza in Bakersfield. Going to be honest, when it comes to pizza, I am a complete snob. Being by NYC all the time obviously gave me high expectations for the pizza everywhere and sadly Jerry’s wasn’t up to snuff. To make up for it though, the venue side of it was great and the staff running it complimented it well. After the show let out, we packed our things and made our way to Las Vegas.

Firestarter - blog 4 - photo 2

The famous Las Vegas. Obviously the city of sin needs no introduction, but you know what happens stays in Vegas but I’m going to tell you anyways. After sleeping all day at our friend Zack’s house, we prepared for our show in Henderson at Eagle Aerie Hall which is right outside of the city. This would sadly be our last day with Such A Mess as well as being the last day of the main dates of the Firestarter and Friends Do America Tour. As with Trophy Wives and Nominee, we couldn’t have asked to tour with better dudes and seriously miss (the shit) out of all of them.

After an awesome show, us and Such A Mess made our way to this barcade that I honestly don’t remember the name of, but all I know is they had beer, video games, and beer pong. I was sold. After some quality time at the barcade, we moved onto the last supper at In’N’Out Burger down the street. The end was near and we were sad. Afterward, we began our trek home with a few one-off shows across the midwest until we finally drove by the always great site of the “Welcome to New York” sign. The last few weeks spent traversing the country were a blast and we can’t thank everyone involved as well as everyone that came out to the shows. Until next time y’all!

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