In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, Tudor Ionescu of the dance duo, Fly Project, talks about some of their crazy moments from touring. Fly Project – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, Tudor Ionescu of the dance duo, Fly Project, talks about some of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

In 12 year of tour life and concerts all around the world, we should have just as much time to share with you each and every experience. We had funny moments, panic, laughs, all kind of emotions and we are a second family :)


We have strict and very well scheduled tours, so we never forget to get up or to arrive for a show, miss our plane or our ride…or something like that. We receive permanent updates and reminders from our staff that is always on time with every step of the schedule.


But sometimes, as much as we listen or as much as they are prepared and professional, the unpredictable happens.


The top 3 things that come to my mind when I say unpredictable have been:


– One time, we were in Russia and I suddenly had a very bad pain, not knowing what it could be I was rushed to the nearest hospital and everyone said it is appendicitis and I must have a surgery right now, as it was in an advance status and was an urgent and serious medical situation. Stubborn as I am, I decided people waiting for us at the show were more important, therefore we went and did the show first, then took the first plane to Bucharest and went directly to the hospital, hoping they might tell me something different even. However, things were even worse and could not avoid the surgery. The story had a happy ending as I am writing this now, but I do not want to remember that time :))


– Also, another funny telling story, but not so much for the two other subjects involved, was the time that I took no less than three falls from the stage during the same show, somewhere in France – can’t remember the name of the town, on the same guy that was trying to film our show. The third time it happened, the guy could not believe it was happening again! There was a problem with the stage, it had no clear lights for me to see where it ends and no one thought an accident can happen, if all the lights go out. I love being close to the audience, so I go as much as I can in front, even in the middle of the crowd, but that time was the only time I was not really able to see and understand where the stage is ending.


– third but not last one, I have a short unforgettable story, when we left for a show in Russia, with all the documents needed, everything was fine, but the officials from the Russian Airport decided to keep me there and stopped me to enter in Rusia. The problem was a misunderstanding with my new passport and a visa that was valid but something was wrong with where was placed on my document. Anyway, it was fun after all, because I was in a safe place and with wireless internet, THEY DIDN’T TAKE MY PHONE so that was fine for me, although I was staying there for some good hours. My staff solved the problem this time, though I had to come back to Romania to have another visa and back again to Russia, exactly when I had to go up on stage, where Dan and the girls already started the show. I was crazy tired but all ended well after all. By the way, Romania is NOT THAT CLOSE to Russia, so the flights killed me that time.


Fly Project tour stories go on and on… so we can share more in the future time. Take care and go see live music shows, as much as you can, there’s always a funny story behind each and every one of it.

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