Flyleaf and Drowning Pool Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW Flyleaf and Drowning Pool Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW
On a rainy Sunday in Chicago, the Flyleaf and Drowning Pool co-headline tour came through the House of Blues with Stars in Stereo opening... Flyleaf and Drowning Pool Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW

On a rainy Sunday in Chicago, the Flyleaf and Drowning Pool co-headline tour came through the House of Blues with Stars in Stereo opening the show. You can check out our review after the break.

It was time to dust off my vocal cords, Sunday night in Chicago when I went to the House of Blues to see Stars in Stereo, Drowning Pool, and Flyleaf.

Stars in Stereo took the stage first. Playing songs from their EP, such as “The Broken” they really rocked the stage. Also doing a cover of “Dream On”, by Aerosmith, it really showed lead singer, Bec’s vocal strengths. Afterwards all the members were by the merch area talking to people and handing out stickers and a card that said after the show to meet them by their tour bus and they would be doing an acoustic performance. Unfortunately for Chicago they were not able to do one but catch them at one of their upcoming shows and they might!

Up next was Drowning Pool. “I Know we got rock and roll soldiers in the House of Blues, let me hear you,” was heard from drummer, Mike Luce. Taking me back to my pre-teen years again they played songs such as “Step Up”, “Sinner”, “37 Stitches”, “Enemy”, “Told You So”, “Feel Like I Do”, and “Tear Away”. Newest Lead Singer, Jason Moreno, would occasionally spit up into the air and then catch the spit as it came down, wiping it on his face.  He also would get off the stage during songs to sing with the crowd at the barricade. With a new album coming out April 9, they played a few new songs such as “One Finger and a Fist”. Ending their set, with their most well-known song, “Bodies”, a mosh pit opened up and the crowd could be heard singing over Jason. Sixty minutes was not enough to experience listening to them live, this being the first time I saw them, I did not want it to end. They all had such great energy and after came out by the merch tables to take pictures, do signings, and meet everyone.

Once Flyleaf took the stage they played nonstop and the crowd loved it. With almost every song the crowd could be heard singing along. Playing old favorites such as “Again”, “Cassie”, “Fully Alive”, “All Around Me”, “Arise”, and ending with “So Sick” the crowd really got excited for these. With the release of their latest album, New Horizons, they played “Great Love”, “Cage on the Ground”, “Bury Your Love”, “Fire, Fire”, and others.  Performing these songs with new lead singer, Kristen May, she fit right in on stage with them. If someone didn’t know she wasn’t the original singer, they would not have known. Although some may argue it’s not the same without Lacey, Kristen does a great job with all of their old songs and I am excited to see what new music they will write with her singing.

If you have the chance to see these great artists perform, you really should not miss it. I know when I was younger I missed the chance to see them before but I am glad I finally got to them now. All the artists on this tour are amazing performers and so grateful to be touring with each other.

Information about the review…
: Flyleaf and Drowning Pool Co-Headline Tour
Bands: Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, Stars In Stereo
Reviewer: Ali Jimenez
Date: March 10, 2013
Venue: House of Blues in Chicago, IL

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