Glass House Point – CRAZY TOUR STORIES Glass House Point – CRAZY TOUR STORIES
In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative rock band, Glass House Point, give the details of one of their crazy stories from touring. Glass House Point – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative rock band, Glass House Point, give the details of one of their crazy stories from touring. You can check out the story and stream their newest single, “Creatures”, after the break.

Over the past year and a half, our band, Glass House Point, has been fortunate enough to tour extensively. Our travels have taken us through some of America’s greatest cities such as Chicago, Manhattan, Atlanta, Nashville, and many more. With 30,000 miles under our belt in the last year alone, it goes without saying that we’ve seen some shit. I’m talking about some really bizarre stuff: stripping parking attendants, near-totaled vans, and creepy overnight experiences. Like many touring acts, we have too many anecdotes to keep track of, but of course, some of our experiences stand out more than others; one of which begins in Charleston, South Carolina on the night of our first national tour.


In the Spring of 2017, we embarked on our first tour, and Charleston was set to be our first out-of-state show. We were stoked, to say the least, especially since we were guaranteed a great payout and free lodging at the venue’s “rustic bunkhouse.” After hitting the stage and performing for few hundred new faces, we were buzzing with excitement and ready to head to the venue’s crib for a night of celebration. However, we would soon find out that the bunkhouse was far from what we expected.


With all of our gear packed up, a venue staff member gave us some rather vague directions to the house, all the while assuring us that “we couldn’t miss it.” Turns out we missed it several times before finding a dark dirt road that veered off about a half mile deep into dense woods. Skeptical of what we would find, we traveled down the road to find a small clearing, scattered with a handful of mobile homes and a single house.


Believe me when I say that this house looked like it was straight out of a horror film. It stood in the center of the clearing, no more than a single 200 square-foot room, with lights flickering on and off. It perfectly matched the expectation of a creepy, haunted cabin in the woods. We were completely caught off guard by the ominously chilling situation we found ourselves in. Almost immediately, the majority of our party opted against staying, but being the one in charge of tour finances, I insisted on giving the spot a chance in an effort to save some money.


The door was unlocked so we ended up taking a look inside, and what we found was… strange. A single flickering light bulb, suspended by an extension cord, hung in the dead center of the single-roomed house. Under which was a microphone and stand, placed as if someone had been playing there. A few dusty mattresses were strewn on the floor, with no apparent consideration of traditional arrangement. Most interestingly, we found a piece of paper containing a journal entry and an illustration dating several years prior. In the entry, the author scribbled about a dream he had in which he traveled the world on a hovering skateboard made out of pure energy. Accompanying the entry was a striking self-portrait (actually more of an incoherent doodle) of the author riding his pure-energy skateboard.


After thoroughly exploring the rustic bunkhouse, we pocketed the journal as a memento and decided to sleep elsewhere for the night (creepiness aside, there were way too many spiders to sleep soundly). To this day, we still fantasize and question our experience at the bunkhouse. Did we misunderstand our directions and end up at the wrong house? What had become of the mysterious author? Why had his/her work laid seemingly untouched for years? What drugs was he/she on and where could we get some? We may never know the answers, but we will never forget the experience.

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