golda – DREAM TOUR golda – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop artist, golda , reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. golda – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop artist, golda , reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

I’d love to tour with Radiohead, Mitski, Fleet Foxes, and Moses Sumney. Just to see them play each night for a few months would be A DREAM.


Radiohead – Goooddamnnnn, Radiohead is my favorite band. Their songs/albums express insanely complicated emotions into beautiful masterpieces that begin /move/end in completely different places but still hold the same thread – I don’t know how they do it. Each song is truly its own world, but part of the same Radiohead universe. I’ve seen Radiohead live three times and each time was super different and very special – Johnny Greenwood’s guitar & Thom’s vocals are always so raw and flowy, I love them. I hope they come out with one more album, just 1 more, please! Because you asked, “In Rainbows” is 100% their best album.


Mitsuki – I love Mitski. Everything she does is so unexpected, beautiful, slightly angsty, tasteful, and really unique. She captures beautiful moments and emotions with her songs that I love to blast when I’m driving / dancing / needing to be heard. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes when we want to be heard we actually just need to listen to some fucking really good music?


Fleet Foxes – Robin Pecknold (the lead singer/writer of Fleet Foxes) is one of my favorite writers, his songs/chord changes are also very unexpected but so so so so beautiful, like from the greenest pastures / wettest forests. I hiked alone in Colorado once and was scared of getting attacked by a bear so I just blasted Fleet Foxes from my phone and it was the most perfect soundtrack – driving on cold nights with the windows down, really anytime. I once drove a few hours away to see Robin Pecknold open for Joanna Newsom, it was just him and the acoustic guitar and it was the most lovely thing. I met him once in real life too, he’s very sweet and hilarious.


Moses Sumney – What a vocalist! Such an incredible, magical, transcending artist, from his visuals to his music – it totally blew me away the first time I heard his music and still surprises me each time I hear it. And then live, it’s possibly even better than the record – so so insane how incredible of an arranger/writer/ singer he is.

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