Great Peacock – TOUR TIPS Great Peacock – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, Andrew Nelson of the rock and roll band, Great Peacock, gives you his tips for being... Great Peacock – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, Andrew Nelson of the rock and roll band, Great Peacock, gives you his tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

I’ve listed this as my first tip because I think it is the most important tip possible, especially as it relates to dealing with the rest of your band while on the road. I honestly fall short of this way too often! Your band is your family. Families get in fights. You’re stuck with each other. If you think first you’re usually less likely to use a harsh tone or reply in anger. This simple concept can make or break a tour, or even a band! Fans can tell if there is trouble in paradise. They’re more likely to enjoy the show if they can tell the band is enjoying the show.


Being on the road can be a party. You may find yourself wanting to continue the party with fans or friends at a different location than where the band is staying. You may find a romance that isn’t ready to call it a night. All is well. But, it is your responsibility to have a plan on how to get back to the band before you ever go different ways. This ties into tour tip #1. It’s not the band’s responsibility to come get you or wait for you to return. Be up and back before them. Respect is crucial. And, they might not bust your chops as much on going home with the wrong person.


Got to keep that phone charged! Be available to promoters and DOS contacts! Don’t ruin your relationship back home because your phone is always dead! Don’t become out of contact with the band if you separate! Your iPhone has low battery mode for these situations. This mode is crucial when playing a festival or event where you know you’ll be away from chargers most of the day.


Take as many free t-shirts as possible. You will lose the ones you originally brought on tour. It will happen. Don’t be bashful about asking the venue if they give any out to the artists that play there.


Don’t forget why you’re putting yourself through the craziness of touring! It’s fun to play music! If you can focus on that, you will get along with your band, you will make fans, and you will remain sane!

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