Gypsyhawk – 2nd ROAD BLOG from North American Tour with Alestorm Gypsyhawk – 2nd ROAD BLOG from North American Tour with Alestorm
The metal band, Gypsyhawk, is currently on a North American tour supporting Alestorm and Trollfest. While they’re on this tour, the band will be... Gypsyhawk – 2nd ROAD BLOG from North American Tour with Alestorm

The metal band, Gypsyhawk, is currently on a North American tour supporting Alestorm and Trollfest. While they’re on this tour, the band will be writing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out the band’s first entry, after the break.

11/13 Las Vegas, NV

Tonights show was directly across from The Heart Attack Grill. That place is fucking nuts. Just openly admitting to agreeing to help you die if you so choose to. The venue, LVCS, was an incredible club right in the hub of the Fremont Strip. Bright lights, big city, no tits though….. bummer. Ron’s friends from American sensations, Uncle Kracker, came to check out the show, and to my surprise, absolutely LOVED it. We hung out with those Detroit dirtbags all night and those guys were VERY cool. What else, what else?…. OH! It was my first night to really get to hang out with Alestorm. I really love these guys. They’re all incredibly hilarious and fun to be around. I ended up getting half hammered with them and still trying to keep it together for the super fun 12 hour drive to San Fran. That being said, nothing happened. Such is the fabulous life of a touring musician. More on this riveting series of events in the next entry.

11/14 San Francisco, CA

“Party’s on the way, San Francisco bay. Takin’ over now, never let you down…”
-Night After Night-

Possibly the best night on tour. Deafining roars from the crowd. A ton of good friends in town. Free food. A cat named Powder. Magic: The Gathering matches. Winning. So much. The show was off the hook. We had an excellent time and will always love SF. But for now, off to another 11+ hour drive. Fun.

11/15 Portland, OR

Portland was a good one. We played the Hawthorne Theater and got to see our bud Eric Eisenhauer again. Ron made out with a chick. I think this dude gave me a bunch of weed. The end. Riveting; isn’t it?
11/16 Seattle, WA

I always love being here. Our good friend Ashley lent us her house and hospitality once again. I saw my fat four legged feline son and we all ate a lot of pizza. We pregamed by going to a pirate themed party with Alestorm. After that the show was incredible. Lots of people, lots of drugs, lots of fun. Finally a night to semi-relax before we have to hightail it to the border.

11/17 Vancouver, BC

We made it into Canada. Bumfest 2013 in full effect. There are a TON of these in this city. We went to the mall to check out the local Renaissance fest/fashion show. Tried on a lobstered gauntlet and bought a really stupid Planeswalker card for two bucks (Canadians call two dollars toonies). Played at possibly the WORST venue in Canada. The sound guy ruined it and didn’t mic anything or even give us time to prepare. The show was alright though. I think we made some new fans and got more weed. Now onto ANOTHER 11+ hour drive.

11/18 Calgary, AB

It is unreasonably cold. Like negative twenty six or some shit. Crazy. We are NOT used to this and it makes doing anything so much harder. Barely made it in time for load in. Played another show. Hung out at the merch booth. The end. I wish I had cooler things to tell you, but it’s just work, suffer, work, drink, work. Good thing we love this more than anything else. Now another 10+ hour drive. Booking agent is KILLING it on this one.

11/19 Regina, SK

Rolled up further into the frozen wastelands of the north and immediately sought shelter. Once inside set up went well and pretty fast. We started the show and it was another success. Shortly after we met a new fan who helped us with our merch and our weed addiction. Rad. There were some hella cute chicks walking around. Um, what else… after the show we did the usual. Got in the fucking van and drove all night. End.

11/20 Winnipeg, MB

Jesus fuck. I am SUPER over this cold shit. You know how cold it is here? Negative thirty six or some crazy shit like that. Unreasonable. Show started way later than it should have, we did what we do and then played pool and took drugs until the cold became tolerable. Thanks to Milk Shake, the venue and Alestorm, we got to keep the free hotel rooms they didn’t use! Score! We can FINALLY take showers after not having one for four days now. More on how that goes later. Tomorrow is our first day off. Lots to be done. Pray for us.

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