Hell Hath No Fury Tour feat In This Moment – REVIEW Hell Hath No Fury Tour feat In This Moment – REVIEW
The Hell Hath No Fury Tour made its way through the Windy City on May 7th slaying fans from throughout the Chicago area. The... Hell Hath No Fury Tour feat In This Moment – REVIEW

The Hell Hath No Fury Tour made its way through the Windy City on May 7th slaying fans from throughout the Chicago area. The tour featured performances by In This Moment, Straight Line Stitch, System Divide and Sister Sin, which are all female fronted metal bands! You can check out our review of the tour after the break.

The Hell Hath No Fury Tour was a tour based on Revolver’s “Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock”. Going into Penny Road Pub, I had no idea what to expect and this was the first time I had been to a show held in the upstairs of the venue. I walked into a decently packed room that was ready to see what the “Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock” were going to bring live.

Sister Sin from Sweden was the first band on from the tour package to take the stage. They had an “old school” metal sound which brought them a little bit more of an older crowd. The energy was kept high and fast pace with the beat of the drums and pound of the bass. The guitar riffs and solos just shred right through the crowd and the vocals had such an edge to it that made them stand out.

System Divide took the stage next and wasted no time at all. They had both a female and male vocalist and they pulled it off amazingly. This band had crushing breakdowns and screaming guitar leads accompanied by the heavy vocals that would transition into hooky choruses that were accompanied by her sweet-sounding voice. System Divide had a great live show that definitely did not seem to disappoint their fans.

The third band of the package was Straight Line Stitch. They kicked it off with a burst of energy and from the beginning of their set their vocalist, Alexis, had the crowd jumping, bobbing their heads, and clapping their hands in the air on her command as if they were her puppets. This was one heavy band that really brought the place down, you could feel every thump and kick of the bass in your chest, the harmonies between the guitars and heavy breakdowns stood out and the vocals were the perfect way to top it all off. The band filled the crowd with an intense amount of energy the entire set and you could tell they enjoyed every minute of it.

Up next was the band everyone had been waiting for all night, In This Moment. The crowd pushed forward and tried to get as close as they possibly could to the stage. The lights dimmed and the lead singer, Maria, walked out to a deafening roar. A backtrack was playing and she had started off their set with a short vocal solo of her own. Right as she sang the first note, the crowd grew silent and they were hooked to her voice. After their intro, the rest of the band came out and kicked it off with their first song. The energy was high from the start and just progressively grew higher and higher throughout the night. This band had everything throughout their set, from melodic singing to catchy guitar riffs that kept your head bobbing to crushing breakdowns. In This Moment definitely gave it all they had on stage and made the wait for their fans worthwhile.

Information about the tour…
The Hell Hath No Fury Tour
Bands: In This Moment (Century Media), Straight Line Stitch (eOne Entertainment), System Divide (Metal Blade) and Sister Sin (Victory Records)
Date: May 7, 2011
Venue: Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL

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