Holy Ghost Tent Revival – TOUR TIPS Holy Ghost Tent Revival – TOUR TIPS
This new set of Tour Tips was written by the rock band, Holy Ghost Tent Revival. You can check out their tips for being... Holy Ghost Tent Revival – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by the rock band, Holy Ghost Tent Revival. You can check out their tips for being on the road, after the break.

1. Whenever you tour, you are inevitably going to want something to snack on after the first hour or so. You definitely won’t make it past the first hour without having to stop to pee twice, maybe three times, so you might as well get something to tide over the munchies, and when you do, always go for something with easy cleanup. Chips are the best, popcorn, something that is easily popped into the mouth. Never go for the shelled peanut — delicious as they are — wait until you can enjoy them outside of the van, or you’ll be stepping over nutshell dust and bits for a month before you lazy bums will work the motivation up to use a vacuum.

2. While touring, seat placement will undeniably find it’s way to the top of your priorities list. Make sure the rules are set, and all amendments understood. Each band will inevitably have their own set of rules but nevertheless here are some good starters: a) Name all seats. Even if you don’t get shotgun you may still be able to end up in a comfy spot. b) Seats can be claimed by placing backpacks or other personal items in a seat moments before leaving. (i.e 5-10 minutes before evacuating a strangers home). c) Don’t underestimate driver-gun. You get to stretch your legs, control the radio, stop whenever you choose, and people will go out of their way to help you stay “focused” behind the wheel. d) Calling distance = must be insight of the van and in the open air.

3. Days on the road have a way of blending together. Here’s a tip: keep a journal. You’ll be meeting a lot of crazy folks and having some really wild nights. Write it down. It’s your privilege and responsibility to do things that most folks won’t be ever be able to, and it’s not because you have money–even better: you’ve got music, and music can be traded for some really great adventures.

4. In the midst of late night shows filled with drinking and debauchery followed by early morning departure times, things will get lost. One of the most useful tricks I have learned while touring is delegate a place for your valuables and do not deviate from that place. At the start of every tour I always put my keys in the same pocket of my travel bag and do not bother with them until I return home. Similarly, find a place for your wallet, phone and any other item you can not live without. Too many times a band member has rushed back through a house, stressed out, frantically searching for something of importance. Find a safe place for your things!

5. For you vocalists out there, I recommend a throat cure combo of Fisherman’s Friend Extra lozenge and Singer’s Saving Grace spray. Be sure to buy the spray at the local organic fair trade store, the bs they sell at Guitar Center is crap. Whether or not you’re a smoker, inevitably your voice is gonna get tired. I keep these two items in pocket and pop and spray all day (not recommended). Hot tea and honey and whiskey is great but they pale in comparison to these top and not so secret methods! Sean from Langhorne Slim is no stranger to the Fisherman. We have shared a package whilst on your together.

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