In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative pop trio, HUNGER, shares one of their stories from being on the road.... HUNGER – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative pop trio, HUNGER, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story and stream their newest single, “Naked”, after the break.

One stop during our European tour in 2017 was in Munich. This was our 3rd German sold-out show of the tour and you can imagine we were so excited to play for this crowd. It was our first time playing for anyone in Munich so we were excited! 


The show went incredibly at the STROM, we made new friends new fans and couldn’t have been happier with our set. We had a great venue to also get to watch all of Against The Current’s set which was a treat. After every show of this tour, we 3 will always have been seen at the merch to hang out and meet new fans and friends. The only difference at this show was, they had a party set for right after the concert. We mean literally, Against The Current gets off stage and moments later we get this DJ up on side stage ripping some jams. 


As fans are heading their way to the exit or the merch table, we notice a young girl was looking rather faint. The venue was PACKED and very hot, she was toward the front of the stage and our live drummer and Lucas noticed her start to ask for help. Lucas went straight to the DJ to call for help and to please make an announcement to make space for the girl. The DJ ignored our request and rudely brushed us off. The girl ended up collapsing and Lucas grabbed her from the front and brought her over to the merch table to cool off and breathe. Our live drummer and Lucas were steaming by the reaction of the cavalier DJ. We, of course, went to the promoter and venue managers to ensure something was done about the DJ. To find out that they have had many issues in the past with this guy being an overall nasty human. We didn’t want to be totally out of line but wanted to make a statement. Some of the ATC crew and ourselves made our way quietly like silent rioters to the DJ booth. We grabbed a fire extinguisher and covered him with foam top to bottom. He had NO idea what was coming.


We slowly exited the club (not to cause any panic) While he was COVERED with foam and music turned OFF… We quietly and slowly entered the Nightliner which was waiting for us ready to leave with smoking tires.


Be kind to people, be aware of your surroundings! We are all here to enjoy our talents and gifts it makes no sense for artists or DJs to act like this when given the possibility to do what they love in front of others and to disregard the need of people attending an event you’re performing at.

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