Jak Lizard – DREAM TOUR Jak Lizard – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the contemporary R&B artist, Jak Lizard, shares who he'd want on his ultimate tour lineups. Jak Lizard – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the contemporary R&B artist, Jak Lizard, shares who he’d want on his ultimate tour lineups. You can check out his picks, after the break.

Wow. OK. My Dream tour. I could go so many directions with this. I think first and foremost, I would need a tour to happen with my collective. I got my start in the music world when me and friends formed a collective called 99 SUBLIME back at our school Purchase College. Those dudes are still all my near dear friends and we just got a taste of what it was like to tour when we hit a couple of strings of college shows back in the day. Let us back on tour, sheesh. It’d be so much fun. We’d all headline and just go song for song round-robin style on stage. So that tour would be “99 SUBLIME: featuring ENxVE, Olu Sado, Yoh, Devoye, Krakaur, Richie Quake, and Jak Lizard.” I think what would make that so magical is that especially since college, we’ve all gone so many different directions with our music, to tour together again would be such a wild science experiment to see what happens when you mix all these varied ideas.


Another idea for a dream tour would probably involve some time traveling. I’d wanna get myself in the mix with Bob Dylan, The Band, Joni Mitchell, etc. A tour where I could be sandwiched in between Joni and The Band, I think would be really fun. Bring out my. Americana roots and give love to the folksy singer-songwriter side of me which I ignore sometimes.


Modern-day idea involving people I really admire in the industry: I’d wanna co-headline a tour with Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, SZA, Saba, and Anderson Paak. That’s just a group of people who I could listen to for days and days without getting tired of the content. I respect all of their personal hustles and performance tendencies and think they each do their best and really shine in a live setting. In my humble opinion, I do as well hahah, so lets link and tour!


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