In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Jane N' The Jungle, shares one of her stories from being on... Jane N’ The Jungle – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Jane N’ The Jungle, shares one of her stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

A couple of years ago we traveled to SXSW to play at some unofficial showcases in 2017.


We lollygagged in Austin for almost the whole entire day before hitting the road back home to Phoenix, AZ getting a late start for our long 8-hour journey to El Paso where we’d stay overnight. We traveled by van and made all the usual pitstops along the way as we like to stop for many rest stops and take pictures with funny knickknacks at the gas stations.


We even stopped at a cute town and had a little wine tasting, soaking up our last hours in Texas the best way we could.
There was a quaint little family-style Mexican food restaurant in Sierra Blanca, Texas, where we stopped for a late dinner. We finally rolled into El Paso around 1 AM and had booked last minute rooms at the “Nicest” 4 Star hotel in downtown El Paso.


It was safe to say we were having a pretty darn good day! Or at least so we thought at the time…


I called to inform them of our late arrival, in which they confirmed our rooms would be ready and staff waiting for us.
It took a usually long time to receive our reservations and keys but didn’t put much thought into it. After finally receiving our hotel keys, each group went to our rooms.


We were exhausted and ready for some shut-eye. Brian and my room was perfectly fine. We were unpacking then get a call.
“Is this a joke? Our room has a toilet randomly placed in the bathroom that is not hooked up, no shower, no sinks, no beds…”


We get another call.


“Jordan, that was really bad, we walked into a room that someone else was already staying in!”


We all met at the front desk to sort out the issue with the rooms. They gave us all free drinks on the house as we waited for the new room reservations. It was one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had!


Finally, we received the new room reservations after 2am.


I get another call.
“This can’t be happening…. our room has no bedding, no towels, just mattresses with nothing on it, no pillows, no other furniture. Just wrinkled up used towels on the floor that looks as if it was a site of a crime scene.”


Luckily the room for the other guys seemed okay. It took another hour for the front desk to sort out the new room.


Finally, after 3am everything was sorted and I could finally try to go to sleep.


Brian comes to me and says, “Do you know what kind of hotel this is?”
“Uh… no, why?”
“People can come into our room at any time and sleep with us!”


Sure enough, I read the small sign on our door that said the hotel had the authorization to book out the other bed in the room if a room only had two people staying in it.


I guess that explained one of the issues we had with one of our guys being booked with another party.


Even though we did not have anyone else booked with us, it was an unsettling sleep wondering if someone was going to walk in.


The next morning we received free breakfast and toured the cultural wonders of downtown El Paso.

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